Movie 1: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I am starting a new blog where I am going to review all 57 Disney animated feature films. First one is up Snow White

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To begin this project of course we have to start where it all began.  The first full length animated film- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Debuting in 1937, Snow White was not only a creative success but a commercial hit as well.  Earning $8 million dollars in its initial release, making it the highest grossing film at the time.  Walt Disney was given an honorary Oscar in 1939 for his achievement and the 7 Dwarfs became marketing icons on all kinds of merchandise, creating a commercial profitability which film had not seen to that point.

Work on the film began in 1934 with an initial budget of 250k.  For a time it was called ‘Disney’s folly’ because Walt had to mortgage his house and ran up a cost of nearly 1.5 million to produce.

Disney was fond of the 7 Dwarfs and many different personalities were tested including Tubby…

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