Survivor Dream Cast

So you guys know I love me some Survivor.  I don’t know if any of you are fans but I couldn’t sleep so I decided to work on my editing skills and put together this little video of my Survivor Dream Cast.   These are not necessarily the best players, just the people I like.

Do you watch the show?  There are a lot of old seasons on hulu plus and amazon on demand so go back and watch them.  It is fascinating and a lot of fun.  It’s the kind of TV you want to talk about, so if you are a fan let me know.


1. Cirie
2. Tyson
3. Boston Rob
4. Rob Cesternino
5. Cochran
6. Parvati
7. Sophie
8. Stephen F
9. Kim Spradlin
10. Richard Hatch
11. Todd H
12. Ethan
13. Ozzy
14. Coach
15. Jerri
16. Corinne
17. Aras
18. Rupert
19. Tony
20. Sandra



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