Solitude of Self

Just reposting this because I love it and nobody really read it back in the day.

Rachel's Musings

I can really be a strange, confusing creature!  This is true in many ways (and I’m sure my friends and family could come up with a long list) but one way which I have been pondering recently is my seemingly incongruous desires for both sociability and solitude.

My entire life I have been an outwardly social person.  I love entertaining, forming groups and making friends.  I am also a very loyal friend that prizes relationships above almost anything else.  Most of the dear moments of my life have come because of sacrifices and support of friends and family.  For instance, any success I achieved on my mission was from a combination of my own efforts, God’s will and the hard work of the people I served with and for.

To get through graduate school I relied on the work of my fellow teammates and teachers.  To thrive in college took…

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