This is a pretty simple post.  The last few months I have been getting terrible headaches. Debilitating.  Yesterday on Easter Sunday I sat in my room most of the day and nursed about a 10 hour head ache.


I know that some of you have dealt with headaches, so I am curious for some advice.  What do you find to be the most helpful?  How do you function if you get one?  At least I have a job where I can work with lights off or sound free environment if needed but just curious if there are any suggestions that might help.

Sugar seems to help and sleeping.  If I have a bad night, which I did Saturday, than I often get a headache the next day.  But it seems to be linked to my blood sugar a bit so if I sip a soda or something sweet the pain is better.  Has anyone else experienced that?  Medicine doesn’t seem to do much to help.

Anyway, just curious for some advice and maybe to vent a bit.  I hate these headaches!


5 thoughts on “Headaches

  1. I had bad headaches when I was a kid (my Polish Gramma had a great head-rub and chant she’d do for me). About 6 months after I turned 30 I went through another rough patch with them, which lasted for about 5 years. My daughter started having this trouble after her 30th birthday, too. Maybe you two will “grow out of it,” like I did. That’s not much comfort to you now, but we can always hope.

    Since blood sugar seems to have something to do with your variety of pain, maybe you should keep a food diary, too. Maybe that will identify some culprits, or perhaps foods that go missing from your diet long enough for you to have symptoms because of the lack of some nutrient. It’s worth a try.

  2. Does the soda you drink have caffeine in it? Caffeine is a treatment for headaches so you may have been treating your headache unbeknownst to you. I would encourage you to do some research and narrow down what is causing your headache, Good luck and wishing you the best.

    1. Thank you. I think I am going to start a log of activities and food. See if I can catch a trend. I am pretty sure the soda doesn’t have caffeine because I try to be careful of that but I know some rootbeer does and doesn’t.

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