Six Kids

In celebration of national sibling day I thought I would repost my post on growing up one of 6. Benefits and downsides. Mostly benefits!

Rachel's Musings

I know I’ve done many posts about my childhood and family but I don’t think I’ve ever specifically addressed the fact I am from such a large family.  It’s funny because in the Mormon world six kids doesn’t necessarily feel unusual or particularly large (my brother in law is from a family of 10 kids if that tells you anything).

My situation is even more unique because of the age gaps between all the children.  Many people looking at my family might assume we are a blended, Brady bunch style but that is not the case.  My parents couldn’t have kids for a long stretch of time and then after 10 years of waiting started again.  They literally have been raising kids for over 30 years of their lives.  I don’t know many human beings that can say that (and they still have six years to go with minors at…

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