Day: January 5, 2014

2 AM Coughing and Resolving

Yes, you read right.  I am up at 2 am coughing and honestly my body feels exhausted after 12 days of this.  I still can’t breathe completely and feeling quite rotten..  My goal is to take one more day off tomorrow resting and hopefully that will do the trick.  Fingers crossed.  I’m tired of living like some kind of hermit in my bedroom.

So what are your new years resolutions?  I don’t really have anything new.  Just a continuum of the goals that I always have.

Some inspiration in your goals might come from the video I made.

My Continual Goals  (these are on a board in my office to remind me each day)

1. Do at least one day of community service a month

2 Take one night a week to call friends I don’t see

3. Read my scriptures daily

4. Pray 5 times a day

5. Keep my home clean and organized

6. Exercise a combination of 3 hours a week

7. Introduce myself to at least one new person each week

8. Read 2 books a month- preferably one fiction and one non-fiction

9. 2 hours a a week of voice lesson practice

10.  Write in my blog weekly and my journal bi-weekly

These have been the walk and talk of my life for many years and then I will squeeze in unique goals like preparing for the GSL swim or learning to box, buying a house or learning to bake.

So I guess those are my new years resolutions but I don’t know if I can call it that if it is what I am already doing.

I also hope in 2014 to find some way to be more creative at work or at least develop new talents.  Also to try and be more accurate and keep up with filing.

I’d like to introduce as many people as I can to our little open water swim group and show people that you don’t have to look like an athlete to be one.  I need to get back into regular training as soon as I can breath regularly without coughing…

I’d also like to learn how to cook a great many things and there are a ton of movies and books I need to experience.

So many things to do!  You are now given permission to scold me if I ever say I’m bored!

What are your goals at the beginning of 2014?  What do you see on the horizon for this year?  I hope I get to a beach.  That is my greatest goal.  Get to a beach, get to a beach…