Michael Buble 2013

So my friends I think the blog should be called supersmlingldsgirl.com today because I’m feeling super smiley.  Good music, friends and memories does that for me.  I got the opportunity to see Michael Buble for the 3rd time last night at Energy Solutions Arena.

The first time I saw him was in 2005 at Abravanal Hall with my friend and roommate Stef.  We were both going a bit nuts with another roommate and had bonded over books, broadway and the Nanny but I wouldn’t say we were really friends until the Michael Buble concert.  I was going to go with my friend Camille and then she ended up with a class so spur of the moment I invited Stef and she was super excited.  We went and had an amazing experience.

It was a small space and I was blown away.  At this point he had only his first album but there was such spectacle and he commanded the stage.  I was in love!

After that concert Stef and I were friends and are still close to this day (wish I had a photo of it)

Anyway, then in 2007 I got another opportunity to see Michael.  This time at the E-center with my sister Anna.  She was coming for a week’s visit! Nobody ever comes just to visit me for a full week.  I took the week off work which I hated my job so that was a gift in and of itself but I have such fond memories of that trip.  The culminating event was Michael Buble singing his heart out.  Again, I thought it was intimate and funny.  He was funny and the voice….Let’s just say I’d do a lot for a guy that could sing like that!

Anna and I 2007.  Warm memories.  Funny thing is I think we both look exactly the same and I still have that shirt.  Pretty sure she does too...
Anna and I 2007. Warm memories. Funny thing is I think we both look exactly the same and I still have that shirt. Pretty sure she does too…

I almost went to see Michael in 2010 when he came but I thought having seen him twice how could I justify the expense and then when the tickets had sold out I bitterly regretted it.  So many albums had come out since those 2 concerts that I missed hearing him sing so much.  I decided the minute he came back I would get tickets and so that’s what I did! Day tickets went on sale I bought 2 in a decent section and figured I’d ask someone to go.

Well time came and I actually asked Stef and Anna if they wanted to go but they didn’t seem enthused so I asked my friend Rachel.  She’s so much fun to be with and I knew she’d be a great companion at the concert.  She didn’t have to work so off we went!

I took the trax in which was exciting because it was the first time I used the new Draper stop.  I got a little motion sick by the end from all the stops and starts and it took me an hour  but still nice to not have to deal with traffic.

Then I met up with Rachel for a quick dinner at Gateway food court and went to the stadium.  It turned out our seats were better than I though.  On the ground!   And on the back row of the floor seats.  This was good because there was a separate back stage which gave us a front row for 3-4 songs!

Here you can see how close we were.  Pretty good seats!
Here you can see how close we were. Pretty good seats!

I read in the paper Michael did 24 songs and I believe it.  He sang for a good 2 hours and a good range of standards such as Fever, Young at Heart, Feeling Good, World on a String to his modern songs Haven’t Met You Yet, Beautiful Day, Everything, Home.  His voice was right on but you could tell he was getting frustrated with his microphones and earpieces.  The final encore he usually sings acapella but this time he ripped his body mike, ear pieces and sang with no microphone in that big stadium.  Pretty amazing and intimate way to end a concert. mb8

I wonder if he is nursing a little cold?  Every once in a while I noticed a cough and when he spoke his voice sounded a little gravely but not his singing.  That was first rate.  Michael also has a fabulous band and this time a local string section.  I mean can you imagine singing 24 songs in front of a huge band with a cold? I’m not sure but I think that is what Michael did last night and it was spectacular.  What a talent.  What energy and fun! mb3

So about 2/3rds of the way through he goes into the audience to move over to the smaller stage.  I was on the aisle and got to shake hands and greet him.  It was super exciting!  Then he sang right too me!!!

Look how close he was to us. Starstruck!
My friend Rachel took this photo and I think it is super good. He was so interactive with the audience. I love Michael Buble.
All I kept thinking was ahhhh!!! This is so cool!!!
He sang All You Need is Love and tons of heart confetti came down. It was just that kind of joyous event. Energy, love, happiness and lots of Mormons we found out!

Some of my favorite songs of the night was a romantic ballad section where he started with ‘you don’t know me’ the old Ray Charles song.  Sadly that is a love song I relate too)

All You Need is Love was wonderful and joyful.  Made you want to hug people around you.  I also liked You’ve Got a Friend in Me and Moondance.  There are too many.  Seriously 24 songs.  When have you been to a concert where they sang 24 songs?  So amazing!

The greatest thing about Michael Buble is that he seems humble and yet completely swanky and confident to pull off this type of ‘lounge music’ as my mother would say.   He says he’s grateful for each opportunity and for all of his fans and it feels genuine.  It seems like he’d be a great guy to go to dinner with and to sing with.  That may not be the case but in the veneer of a concert he totally pulls it off.

Anyway, it was a fabulous concert.  One I will never forget.  Oh! I almost forgot- Michael Buble shook my hand and looked into my eyes and smiled. Now that I have shaken hands with Josh Groban and Michael Buble my life seems complete.  All major goals accomplished…. Ahhhhhhhhh!  Still so excited!

Great concert.  Great singer.  Great friends.  Great life. I just love Michael Buble.



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