Day: November 12, 2013

Strawberry Jam

Lately I’ve gotten really into making jams. I like making them at home because I can blend the fruit more than you see at the store bought. Here’s the recipe for my peach jam . Enjoy! I can’t wait to make more flavors.

Rachel's Musings

For a long time I have wanted to learn how to can and preserve food.  I can’t really explain but it just looks like fun to me.  Oddly enough the only thing I have ever canned is strawberry jam.  This was years ago before my mission when I made jam using the sweet berries that are sold in California by the Vietnamese and Loation refuges.  They are one of the best food items I’ve ever tasted.  A couple summer’s we would buy more than we could eat so we made strawberry jam.

With this memory in my mind when Kate told me they were offering a strawberry add-on where you could get 8 lbs of strawberries, splitting that between the two of us that would make 4 lbs each.  Obviously that would be a lot for me to eat on my own so I decided to make jam.  I particularly…

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2 AM

So its 2 am and I’m wide awake (isn’t that a song…) and I figured I might as well write a blog entry and maybe that will help me get to sleep. Let me share with you some things that have been on  my mind:

1. I’m a very fast writer and typist and I’m very glad that I learned how to touch type at an early age.  When transferring over dictation or notes I can easily write 90wpm. If you have teens teach them to touch type.  It will be better than any other ‘career class’ they might take.

2. I’m doing the Postcard Projects Cookie swap and got my matches today.  I think I am going to make my Mom’s egg nog logs, lemon butter cookies and outrageous brownies. (Good mix, right?).  Every cookie you make gets a $1 sent to you want to learn more about the swap for next year go to Veronica’s Cornucopia.There is also a separate swap for just food bloggers at

3. My young women’s volleyball team has made it to regionals and gotten through the first 2 days of playoffs.  They are such nice girls and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.  It’s very impressive how they have managed to become friends even though they come from 3 different wards.

DSCF10234. Wednesday my guest food blog will post at Keep an eye on it because I think you all will be really impressed!

5. Lately I’ve felt a little off my game, not my normal self.  I can’t explain it but its true.

6. I am almost finished with my book for nanowrimo.  Current word count is 43370.  Originally I was thinking of switching my writing group to reading my new book but I’m not going to do that.  My book last year was leaps and bounds better than this one.  Still, it’s been a good experience to write pure fiction and I think it will be fun to take the same concept write it as many mediums as I can- play, poem, short story and novel.  Maybe even a song since its a Christmas story!

7.  I heard Bing Crosby this afternoon on the radio and it about made me tear up.  I love Christmas.  Last year I had so much pressure on myself with the house and all that I struggled to enjoy the holidays.  This year I’m determined to finish nanowrimo and go Christmas crazy.

8. Today I’ve felt very nostalgic.  Nostalgic for my grad school days churning out papers and learning new things.  Nostalgic for past roommates and friends that have waned in recent years. I found a video from 2007 made me very nostalgic for 2007.

9. I would go back to school if I could think of something that would be worth the time and money to invest in.  I know it is hard but very rewarding too.

10. This will see random, but its a random post. If you want to teach young women about morality, chastity and modesty teach them about their innate value and how special they are to their Heavenly Father.  If they feel loved by God than His commandments will seem less like a punishment and more like a blessing.  This is how it should be done.

11. I love getting stuff in the mail.  I think that is why I love trying out subscription boxes.  Recently I had one that arrived with damage to the box and the company, Box of Happies, sent me a new one with all the products again which was amazing customer service.

12.  I am reading North and South for the fourth year in a row.  If you haven’t read it yet, do.  It’s so good.

13. The Book Thief is at 59% on rotten tomatoes.  Some people love it, some hate it.  I’m not sure which side it will be.  Have any of you seen Enders Game? What did you think?

14. Lately I’ve really been enjoying the podcasts over at Rob has a website.  It is reality talk that is funny and entertaining from former two-time Survivor player Rob Cesternino. If you like reality tv check it out.

15. Anyone want to celebrate with me when I finish my book.  Partay!!!

16.  Lately I’ve been super lazy cooking-wise, no desire to cook and especially clean.

17.  I hate doing laundry.  If I was rich, I would defintely hire someone to do my laundry.  I’d do any chore before laundry

18. I’d like to say thank you to my grandpa on this Veterans Day for being my hero.  Him and my Dad are the men who have loved me most in my life and I am grateful for that.

19. That last sentence made me tear up.  Word to the wise, I always tear up when I think of my Grandpa.

20. Today I wrote a tragic romance in my book and it made me feel oddly hopeful.  Yes, I’m strange.

21.  Finished watching Downton Abbey season 4 last night.  Holy cliffhangers and sadness.  Come on Downton.  Try to smile every now and then!  Still very entertaining.  Excited to see what you all think of it when you watch in January.

Ok.  I’m finally tired.  Good work!

So, that’s my 2 am list.