Let’s lighten things up a bit…I do like to laugh just so you know.  I was thinking about it and it has been a while before a real screwball comedy made me laugh.  I guess there was Silver Linings Playbook but that definitely had drama.  I wish more clean, funny comedy was put out.  It seems in recent years most comedies have been out to shock not laugh.  Also, it is not inherently funny to have a woman acting unseemingly in and of itself.  It still has to be funny.

Lately I’ve been getting really into Studio C on BYU TV.  It is proof that you can do funny and be clean.  Sometimes I think it is funnier because it is so relatable.  You aren’t turned off by the bad language.  Do any of you watch Studio C and think it is funny?  What are your favorite bits?

You see I really am quite a cheerful person.  Today the funniest thing happened.  I was talking to my bff and I had to hang up so I could get food.  I said ‘I love you! You are awesome’ and then hung up ordered my meal.  When I went around to the window the guy at taco time said ‘I love you too.  You are awesome’.  It was pretty funny.  You have to be able to laugh at life or the tough times will drive you crazy.  There is a Bill Cosby bit about going to the dentist that no matter how often I listen to it I laugh my head off.  It is great therapy when you feel worn down by a week.  I highly recommend it.

Well, I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some things I think are funny and hopefully you will get a good laugh and have a great day:

Had to add a couple Brian Regan bits too because he’s so clean and funny too. I have yet to find anyone who didn’t find these bits to be funny and you can listen to them with your whole family.  I love playing his routines on road trips and laughing my butt off!

Anyway enjoy!  What do you all think is funny?


4 thoughts on “Laughs

    1. Thanks. Your compliments made my day (or morning!). I am glad you found the blog. Please keep checking it out. Do you have any favorite comedians? What makes you laugh?

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