All Wrung Out

Globe-being-wrung-outI wanted to use this graphic because I felt like it really describes my feelings today.  I feel like my world has been twisted and turned and wrung out.  I’m exhausted!

That said, I feel hopeful and grateful.  Grateful to have this forum to hear the stories of so many wonderful people.  In just over a day I have heard from nearly a hundred people on facebook, twitter and the blog and had nearly 700 views of the post.  So many felt the same frustrations in transitioning into your 30s and a family ward that I had felt.  So many had found ways to make it work and others are still struggling.  I am honored to put into words what people are feeling and hopefully give a little bit of validation.

Please let’s keep up the discussion.  Please keep me posted on your progress and through our communications with one another we can help spread God’s message which is more important than anything else.

I was thinking about the story of the Good Samaritan today.  Isn’t it interesting that the man is a lonely traveler.  One can only imagine that if there was a family member or friend with him he would have found the love and service he depended on strangers to give.  No, he was a single man attacked, in need.

How many of us can relate to that journey? Indeed, how often have we given up of being rescued when the Samaritan comes to help us.  Even in something as simple as a tweet I have been blessed by the generosity of strangers in my life, sometimes in a way that friends and family could never be.

The other lesson I’ve learned from the past 2 days has been a reminder of my own strength.  My mentor at BYU said that I ‘have a sense of empathy for the unjustly treated in the world’.  Many people have used the word ‘brave’ and ‘courage’ when describing my simple post.  I wouldn’t go that far but it is a humbling reminder that I am a powerful person and I can bring about much good if I follow my heart and the Lord.

Today I was told by fabulous home teachers that the Lord loved me and He wants me to use my gifts to bless others.  My home teacher gave me a challenge to find out how I am to contribute.  It is something I have often wondered, sometimes with a tear or two because the contribution of a single girl seems so small but after yesterday I am not feeling that as much. Even if I could be that Good Samaritan for one person, as many have been so for me, it would all be worth it.

Listen to what some had to say:

“Amen. I’m in the EXACT same boat.”

“i too have fallen through a wards cracks. You, my friend are far stronger than I.”

“I love this… being in college as an Older single and not allowed to even take an insititue class… I just can’t do it. . It means a lot that you worte this”

“My bishop, was a sweet kind man who was clueless about what I was going through and when he asked me if I thought we had a friendly ward, I told him no and I told him why and he was shocked! He’s grown and so have I. I feel your struggle”

That’s just a sampling.  There are people out there that need to be rescued. (some of course are doing fine and quite happy being single and independent so that’s great) but I’m more determined than ever to seek out the beaten soul and do all I can to show love and serve even if it is just through this blog.

I’ve always loved the song Each Life that Touches Ours for Good.  It makes me think of my Grandpa who I loved more than anyone else.  I miss him.  I hope I can be as good a friend as he was to me.

What greater gift dost thou bestow,

What greater goodness can we know

Than Christlike friends, whose gentle ways

Strengthen our faith, enrich our days.
I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m on to something and excited for the future for the first time in years.
good samaritan

One thought on “All Wrung Out

  1. I’m so pleased to hear that you are onto something. I pray that God will fulfil your heart’s desires, but in the meantime never think if your contribution as a single girl as being small or insignificant. I want to remind you of the apostle Paul, a single man. A small contribution? No, for he is the apostle most quoted in the Bible. The widow’s two mites were maybe the smallest donation, but Jesus praised her and said that she had contributed more than the wealthier givers, for she had given all she had, and they only gave a little from their abundance. The Good Samaritan, as well as the wounded traveller, was travelling alone, and helped the man without advice or assistance. Never look upon your contribution as small, or insignificant. And always remember, man looks on the outward appearance, but God sees the heart. He sees your heart, Rachel, and He knows your desire to be a blessing to others. If you keep your trust in Him, He will use you for his glory, whether you are single or married. If your desires are to be a blessing for Him and others, then you, yourself will be blessed. The Lord loves a cheerful giver.

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