Sad Post, Happy Post

Sometimes I wonder if I did myself a disservice by calling this blog ‘smilingldsgirl’.  It is a name I came up with after my mission because I felt very happy at that time with a job well done.  I’m amazed that it was available and I could scoop it up.

Still, nobody is smiling all of the time.  That wouldn’t be healthy.  Even babies cry a lot of the time.

So, yesterday I was feeling sad.  I haven’t been on a date in a year and I have issues with my church situation.  I had a horrible week of sleep and that had made me frazzled and burned out. It’s tough and I felt sad.

Today I am feeling much better.  Those problems are still there but I’ve had a nice day, a nice lazy day!  I’m about to go to a movie (to see Captain Phillips) with a friend but other than that I have been relaxing and enjoying my Saturday.  I need those days where I can recoup and grow.

Thank you to all of you for the support and love I felt at my last post and any other times I am having a bad day.  I am so grateful.

Got to go!




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