Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielsen

I thought with Elder Holland’s masterpiece of a talk on mental illness where he mentions Stephanie’s story I would repost my blog after reading her book last year. So moving.

Rachel's Musings

Today I was feeling a bit burned out from a few tough months (2012 has proven to be a toughee).  Sometimes I just feel exhausted from life, emotionally, physically drained.  Preparing for my race is awesome but also pretty tiring.  I know it will all be worth it when I cross that finish line but right now it feels like I’m never going to be ready.  Anyway, there has been a mix of things that have just left me tuckered out! (On the plus side my pain has reduced and my thyroid meds have definitely been helping, so that’s great. I have many blessings, too many to name but I still feel wrung out and tired. Do you understand?)

Anyway, I decided to post this review for this book that has inspired me.  On the plane I had a woman who refused to sit next to me because of my…

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