Pudding Cups and Childhood Food Envy

Today I’m not feeling great.  Congestion, cough, sore throat. I suppose the best thing about my job is I work from home and can schlep around in my PJs if I want but it is also hard to really take a day off when I’m sick; however, I don’t mind because it keeps my mind occupied.    I swear like 4 people I know have this cold.  Sigh…

Anyway, I went to get some soup from Zuppa’s.  I love the Yucatan Chicken Tortilla soup.  Its flavorful and comforting.

yucatantortillaI also decided to get one of my favorite foods when I’m sick- a pudding cup.  Pudding cup you ask?  Well when I was little I always wanted cute little lunches with things like pudding cups but my family couldn’t afford them (plus, they aren’t exactly good for you).  I usually ended up getting hot lunch which was much cheaper. I think at the time my hot lunch cost 1.50.  I am sure it is much more now.  I could also get breakfast at school for a similar cost (or I ate breakfast at my seminary teacher’s house.  He made the most delicious sour dough biscuits and bread with a starter that went back generations).

My Mom has never been a big breakfast person, and usually had toast until she became gluten intolerant (now she can have gluten free bread but I don’t think she has toast as often as she used to).   However, her food allergies didn’t happen until I was nearly graduated from college so we had a lot of pasta, salads and sandwiches.  One friend I had said we had spaghetti every time she came to my house and she was my friend for about 7 years.  Perhaps this is why I’m so fond of the stuff today?  I love a good plate of spaghetti.

Interesting enough we almost never had the food my Mom grew up on- roasts, jello, canned goods and casseroles.  My Mom did make one yummy mexican tortilla style casserole but it was rare.  I don’t ever remember her using canned soups in anything.  When I went on my mission to Indiana all of these foods were very common and I had to get used to their high salt content.  I also don’t remember ever having wonder bread, plain yellow mustard, grape jelly, tv dinners or bologna.  Margarine was rarely used.

It was also a special treat to have cereal.  It was too expensive for a large family.  My siblings and I could go through a box of cereal in one morning sometimes and so you can imagine my feeling when I went to BYU and they had an entire wall of cereal!  It was very exciting!  My Mom also loves deli meat over the packaged slimy variety.  She would buy that on occasion and I still love it!

I don’t want you to get the impression that we were poor.  Far from it, but when you have a big family there are things that are harder to buy than others.

I also have a softspot for lunchables because they really are ridiculous.  Paying $4 for cute little crackers, ham and cheese, but then they are cute little crackers with ham and cheese.  Every once in a while I’ll buy one just to feel some sense of power in this world of chaos. 🙂pudding cups

But the ultimate coup de gras of treats I envied in my friends lunchboxes was pudding cups.  Tapioca, vanilla and especially chocolate.  I loved them and I still think they are tasty.  They are just so cute in their little cups.   So, if there is anything great about being an adult it is that I can buy pudding cups whenever I want without getting permission from anyone.  It’s the good life!

Can you relate to this?  Are there any foods you couldn’t have or afford as a kid that you love as an adult?  Any guilty pleasures? Please share in the comments section.  pudding cup


4 thoughts on “Pudding Cups and Childhood Food Envy

  1. Well, although it’s pretty obvious from my blog title, ice cream is definitely my main indulgence. I must say, pudding cups are a very close competitor though. Now, if only someone would invent some way for ice cream to be transported in school lunches…hmmm… 😀

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog! The way your faith and testimony shine through all of your trials is a wonderful inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    Sending hugs and prayers your way! I hope you feel better soon!

    -Sarah @ The Sprinkles on my Ice Cream Blog

    1. That’s so nice. Thank you. My trials aren’t so bad but isn’t it great to have a space to share with the world, even about something as silly as pudding cups? I certainly hope this cold is fleeting. (Isn’t it the worst when they hang around for weeks?)
      Pudding is kind of like room temperature ice cream in a way. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed it so much. Plus, isn’t everything just yummier in a small cute package? My Dad would be horrified at my love for packaged things but it’s just fun!

  2. This is weird, but when I was a kid, my mom always bought shredded cheese in a bag. We rarely had cheese slices or a simple block of cheddar around. When I was a teenager and she left town for a couple days, she left me some grocery money and the first thing I went for was a nice hunk of cheddar cheese.

    I ALWAYS have a brick of Tillamook cheddar in the fridge now that I’m the one in charge of shopping, and we eat what is probably way too much cheese. I love that stuff!

    1. I can’t believe I forgot cheese in this post. I am a total cheese snob. We never had velveeta or american cheese (the kind of the soft slices covered with cellophane). I agree with you about Tillamook. The best! I like a good sharp cheddar but I love brie, swiss, goat and any other kind of cheese! So good!

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