Urban Swim Outing

Today my friend Renee took the lead and set up what she called an ‘urban swim outing’.  We took trax downtown and swam at the Steiner Aquatic Center up by the U and then went food trucking for lunch.  It was delicious and fun.  I’m exhausted so here are some photos!  Thanks to my employer for giving me a half day off.

Love this photo of me!
My friend came up with this cute little lap counter. Push a bead over for every lap in a 50 meter pool and then flip it and do it again and you have a mile.
The crew! All made it in the camera
Kris, Renee and Kate
tacos chow truck
Chow truck. Yum! coconut-lemon grass chicken,
pineapple-ginger pork,
spicy beef, with cilantro-chile pesto
food trucks
Several food trucks were at Gallivan Plaza.

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