White Water Rafting 2013

So last year I went white water rafting with my family on the American River and it was quite eventful.  At one point I got thrown from the raft and had to go down the ‘devil’s teacup’ on my back and then get thrust back onto the raft.  It was hard to get back on the raft and I was a little bruised so I was justifiably nervous to go this year for the reunion but anytime you get me around water I’m a happy camper. So off we went!

24 of us from the reunion went to the rafting and we had a great time and…no being thrown from the raft!  We had a great guide who was very good at explaining what we should do.   It was a long day and I am very tired but it was a great day (if a little drama thrown in there family reunion style).  I’m really grateful to my Mom and Dad for all they did to make the evening happen.


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