Cheese Plate and a Movie

Recently Before Midnight came out to great acclaim.  It is the third in a trilogy of movies starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. They start out with Before Sunrise in 1995, then Before Sunset in 2004 and just recently Before Midnight in 2013.

They are very simple, but lovely movies.  It starts out with an American man played by Hawke and a french woman played by Delpy meeting on a train from Budapest to Vienna.  He is finishing up 2 weeks travel after being dumped by his girlfriend in Madrid and has an early morning flight out of Vienna.  They begin talking on the train and on a whim  decide to spend the next 14 hours together.  They visit a ferris wheel, a graveyard, a church, restaurants, parks, etc but mostly they just talk.  Talk about what they want out of life.  What they hate about the world, their parents, and the fears of the future.

It is dialogue that feels real and natural.  The chemistry is perfect.  I can’t help but think of teh scores of lame romantic comedies that involve convoluted premises to get the character together such as bets, articles, challenges, or unrealistic work situations.  You don’t need any of that when you have good characters who live and fall in love!  This my friends is how you do a romantic movie!

Keeping in the European mood I made a cheese plate.  It was really fun.  I got most of the food at Pirate O’s a local gourmet food shop. These types of platters are great because they give the appearance of a lot of work when truly it was just opening containers and putting them on a plate.  No work at all.

cheese plate

Starting at the top we had a swiss cheese, blue cheese, salami with herbs de provence, irish cheddar and apricot stilton (our favorite).  The dips are a bruscheta topping and a salmon spread (both excellent).  Oh and we had gluten free crackers to keep all stomachs happy.

Doesn't this just scream EUROPE
Doesn’t this just scream EUROPE

Doesn’t that sound like the most delightful evening?  Come with us when we watch Before Sunset and then go to the movies to see Before Midnight.



11 thoughts on “Cheese Plate and a Movie

    1. Why? I think a movie night with my friends is a perfectly good way to spend an evening. Good food, friends, good movie. Sounds good to me.

        1. Of course. Not offended. Just not sure I got the joke. It was a fun night in. Going out dancing tonight, book club tomorrow. Variety is spice of life.

        2. Good for you. Be active while you are young. My dancing days are over,but that’s OK. God has been good to me. I was teasing you about the “low-maintenance” evening, but there is nothing wrong with that.

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