My Dating Resume

So yesterday I posted my dating resume to the blog and it got a ton of hits.   Originally it was more of a joke than a serious dating idea but maybe I’m on to something? My friend suggested I simply the post the resume and that seemed like a good idea.

So forgive the repetition but here goes.

Here’s some things about me to recommend me to your single friends out there:

I’m in my early 30s and look like this


I’m a great athlete and love beautiful lakes, rivers and oceans.  Swam 5 open water swims with 2 more to come this year.


I also can kick most anybody’s butt. I’m tough as nails.  MMA is my specialty.


I’m also a great reader, philosopher and deep thinker.  Love good conversation and debate.


I also love the arts, movies, music and theater and the symphony.  Here I am after performing at Hale Center Theater


I take great joy in writing both this blog and my recently completed nanowrimo book


Looking for a great cook?  I’m that too. I love to entertain and form groups.  I’ve had a book club for over 3 years and I give cooking lessons to my friends.


The finished product.  So good!

I’m also a great friend and aunt. Loyalty, honesty and friendship are everything to me. Always have been.

My friend Emily and I at a book signing

My friend Emily and I at a book signing

Stephanie, Angie, Camille and I in Hawaii.  Dear friends

Stephanie, Angie, Camille and I in Hawaii. Dear friends

Emilee and Rachel in Hawaii

Emilee and Rachel in Hawaii (I love Hawaii and love to travel)


My niece and me
My niece and me

I work from home for Poler LLC and love being my own boss and having freedom

Lastly my faith is everything.  Without it I would just be an anxiety ridden, unhappy mess.  I would sooner give up breathing than give up my faith.


So there you go.  That’s my online resume for any guys out there to read.  I think I’m pretty great.  Not perfect but got a lot going for me.  I’m fun and try really hard to be a good friend.  I work hard, am honest and I know what my many flaws are and am working to do better.

So if you know someone who is single show him this page and then let him decided for himself if he wants to be set up with me.  That should make your life easier.  Who knows right!

Anyway,  That’s me.  Find me some dates people! 🙂


16 thoughts on “My Dating Resume

  1. Curious, did this resume bring about any dates? Seems like it was very popular. Then, what man doesn’t like a girl who can cook? 🙂 The way to a man’s heart indeed!

    1. LOL. No dates yet but it did get a lot of positive feedback, so maybe others copied and it got dates for others? You never know.
      I’ve always said I could get a man if he would just let me cook for him.

      1. Maybe this is just silly talk, but can’t you bake cookies for guys you like? Or pies? Who wouldn’t love to get an apple pie? It’s no guarantee, but maybe once they get a taste? Haha, just a thought. In the end, gimmicks don’t work. Be yourself.

        1. We used to call those girls cookie sluts at BYU but I won’t deny having done it many times. I have a hard time meeting new people these days. I’m very social but it seems like I hang out with mostly married folks (in swimming, singing etc). Let’s just say the herd has been thinned. I wrote this because I was hoping my friends would show it to their friends. We’ll see if anyone does it. I try online but don’t seem to get anywhere on it. Just hard to meet people but I’ve not lost hope. You know what I mean?

      1. “Cookie Sluts” haha, haven’t heard that one. Thin herd? Check. I wish I had a herd. Keep trying!? Please do, I think there is someone for everyone. Thanks for the replies. What cookie recipes do you like? I need one to please my 4 sons, preferably not too sweet, or they will bounce off walls. (MORE walls, that is.)

        1. 4 sons what a busy house you have! I actually feel quite confident I will meet him when it is the right moment and I’ll be ready to cook for him whatever he likes. 😉

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