Day: June 3, 2013

Things I’d like to Learn

summer bucket list

As I figure it knowledge falls into 4 categories- things I know, things I do not know, things I would like to know and things I have no desire to know.   For this post I am focusing on the 3rd category- things I would like to know.


I would like to be able to:

cook different meats like lamb, veal and fish besides salmon

cook oysters, clams, mussels, shellfish in general

make light and fluffy biscuits

write a poem

start a pen pal

make pie crust flaky

make my own sausages/get a stuffer

I’d like to try tibetan, african, afghan, korean and other cuisines of food.

know how to paint, both watercolor and oils

learn to take better photos, especially for my blog

learn how to get my blog out there more effectively

take pottery class, sketching and everything else art

I’d like to know how to create a modern website with code.

I’d like to be able to grow a garden (have a bit of a black thumb myself)

Flower arranging (if I could find a flower shop I’d love that)

Learn how to cook duck, goose and cornish game hen (and maybe even quail, pheasant and squab).

learn caligraphy

take the fondant class (that’s the last cake decorating class I still haven’t taken)

learn how to ski come winter time

scuba diving lessons

make my own jewelry

learn how to flirt and meet men

(Ok. That last one is a lost cause)

So there’s lots of things to learn!  What should I check off first?  Anything you can help me out with?