My Bubble

Ok.  After my little rant in the last post let me use up some more of my insomnia time with slightly more happy thoughts.  Today I want to say thank you for my bubble. People often say in a derogatory way ‘you are living life in a bubble’.  This usually implies that a person is closed minded or a simpleton in his or her views.

I disagree.  I am aware of those views which are different than mine and often ponder issues from their perspective, each time returning back to what I believe and think.  A constancy in one’s opinion does not necessarily prove thoughtlessness on the part of the thinker.  In fact, those that are easily swayed on important issues probably haven’t pondered them much in the first place.

Anyway, I digress.  I am grateful that I can surround myself with support in so many ways.  There is of course my home with a roommate and tenants who are good people and that happen to support my life choices.  This creates a home where the spirit can be and where I can feel peace.

Then there is my family and extended family which I felt this week.  I am so grateful for my cousins, aunts, uncles and other loved one’s who pray for me and sincerely want me to be happy.  It is my family bubble.

Next I have my facebook bubble.  This includes old friends I have kept in touch with from high school, college and my mission.  I am so grateful for those relationships.  It may seem silly but there was a time last year when I felt my world was falling apart and my facebook bubble saved me. I will always be grateful for good friends who reached out to me when I felt panicked and sad.

Next I have twitterstake.  This is perhaps my favorite bubble of all.  It is the group of LDS twitterers (is that a word) who uplift me throughout the day.  I would say 2/3rds of who  I follow are either conservative voices or Mormons and I love it!  I love being able to send a prayer to someone in struggling and I don’t even know where she lives or who she is.  I love that I was inspired today by 2 different members whose Christlike responses to attacks humbled me and made me want to do better.

I love that we can all learn about General Conference together and support each other when things get hard.  I love that I can laugh with a LDS member from China or cry with a fellow Mormon in Vancouver.  It is amazing!  I love the twitterstake bubble.

Lastly I have this blog and its bubble.  It is my spot to say how I feel whether it is about food, movies, politics, sports, swimming,whatever.  It is mine and I get to run it the way I see fit.  My little bubble.  I grow each time someone comments and I learn while writing each entry.  I am so grateful for it.  It is truly a reflection of me.

My greatest desire is to be obedient to God’s law and His gospel and all of my bubbles help me make that happen.  I would be hard pressed to do it alone.  Life is too hard.  I need those bubbles of love, acceptance, support, shared obedience, and freedom of expression.

So I embrace bubble living.  Whether it be on twitter, facebook, friends or my home,  I am happiest when surrounded by support and love.  Call me crazy, but it’s true!


Also, I think we all chose our bubbles.  For instance, my brother lives in Portland- surrounded by a predominant culture that supports his way of life.  It is his Portland bubble.  He’s got one.  So do I!


2 thoughts on “My Bubble

  1. I think this is the right way to view community as something that builds up the family not replace. The family and the individual are the bedrock and is like a bubble shielding and helping that smaller unit

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