Day: March 19, 2013

More Photos from the Shoot

So my photographer Brooke was kind of enough to allow me to share with all of you some lower resolution images from the photo shoot.  Some are from my house and I think they are really neat.  There are a few more of me that while may not have made my top 10 I still like a lot.

My signed Sara Bareilles poster I have framed in my living room
soft smile
An nice softer smile from me.
working in the kitchen cutting some strawberries
cutting strawberries
subtle smile
Another softer look
thank the produce to bountiful baskets
My window and a little bit of my curtains in my master
My flirty apron
favorite movie of mine. I have 2 audrey hepburn posters in my living room
Cookbooks galore. Love my Julia Child!
Of course Edenbooke is front and center!
boxing tough punch
punch shot and know I do not wear this shirt when boxing
boxing tough
I don’t know if I can ever pull off the tough chick look but here is an attempt?
light fixture
My pretty light fixture. I just love it!
Taking a pie out of the oven.

What do you all think? I think they are a lot of fun.