Rachel Needs Her Groove Back

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a rut?  I’ve just been so tired lately.  Feel like I’m dragging all the time and I’m not sure what to do to get re-energized.

What I really need is a vacation but that isn’t possible right now with things going the way they are at work.  I am currently working full time for Grabber and going to be transferring to Poler full time at the beginning of June.  I don’t see how I can take a vacation until June but I really do need one. ( We are also getting new tenants at one of my Dad’s rentals so at least that should be less intense in a few weeks.)

In the meantime, what can I do to relax with limited time off?

I have to keep up  my workouts because I’m getting ready for the open water season.  (The last 2 days I missed my training because I was so sore I could barely move).  Today I took the entire day off and it was so nice. I had things planned but I could tell I was getting sick so I picked up my bountiful basket and stayed inside the whole day.  It was fabulous!

I hope it was enough of a break so that I don’t get sick.  I really can’t afford it right now with everything going on.

It’s hard to explain though.  I’ve just felt achy and fatigued all the time.  Sometimes even a shower feels too hard and I don’t know what to do about it?

Instead I just keep pressing forward and do all the things I have to do.  I just wish I could get more energy and feel better.  It’s like I’ve been fighting an infection that is just on the edge of manifesting itself but never quite does.

I would give you a list of all of the things I have going on but I will spare you.  No matter.  It all gets done and that’s the important thing. In the meantime I’m so tired.  It’s like the move whacked me out and I haven’t been able to recover.  Most of the week I felt like I couldn’t even breathe. Yesterday I thought I was going to pass out.  I realized I hadn’t eaten all day and once I ate that made things a little better.  Still, it was not a good day. I was too tired to go swimming.  I couldn’t even move.

Anyway, so friends, how do I get my groove back?


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