32 on 23rd

So today was my birthday and it was a great day!  As if written by a screenwriter I got a text from the builder today “Looks like your Birthday mojo has paid off and we are FHA approved!”.  Can you believe it? It’s my birthday and we get the approval!!! What a present


I am SOOOOOO excited.  There are no words.  I am just thrilled.  So I contacted the mortgage broker and they are starting the underwriting, title, finalizing processes to get to the closing. They told me there is a 50/50 chance of closing on Friday! That means I could have a house by the end of the week!  Wahoo!

I probably won’t move until next week because the deed has to be transferred and everything else but who knows.  I could start Saturday.  Either way it is happening and the waiting game is almost over.

So what a great way to start off my birthday!

The rest of the day proved to be wonderful with a bit of a hiccup at the end but it was great.

good morning birthday
Good morning lazy Rachel. Took the day off work to enjoy!
at house
After getting the news went over to house to take a look and check out the new closets
basement closet
basement closet.
my pretty master closet.
garage storage
Then I met up with Anna and we went for a cake testing for my cake at my birthday/housewarming party on February 8th. The ladies were so sweet. I really enjoyed talking with them and the cake!
This is their inspiration for my cake. I’ve always wanted to do a custom cake so I figured why not and Up is my favorite movie so it is perfect. It will be super good and they say even better than this one. They said this one was sloppy. 🙂
anna and I with cake
Anna and I at a cake testing. Yum!
waiting for car
Then we were going to go for a big dinner but after my voice lessons the car stalled and we spent about 2 hours getting it jumped and a new battery installed.

So that was my birthday.  Even though I didn’t open a single present it will definitely go down as one of the best.  Plus, I got a call from nieces singing me happy birthday and lots of well wishes on facebook and texts (the grandest use of facebook if you ask me).

Maybe the next entry to this blog will be on closing and moving!  Wouldn’t that be cool!


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