Day: December 28, 2012

2012 Highlights

So I really debated about doing this post because I didn’t know if I could talk about 2012 in a genuine way (I hate glossy highlight reels but I suppose it is better than nothing).  It was a tough year for me and one if I could erase I would do it in a heartbeat.  However, all I can do is try to learn from the experiences and be grateful for the good times.   I am certainly deeply grateful for all the support I have received from friends and family.

As you can see from the gallery some of the highlights of the year included 3 swimfests, Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim, Swim Camp, Deer Creek 5k, building a house, moving to family ward (although challenging in many ways), eye surgery and vision therapy, family reunion in Cali, my weekend retreat in October, BYU 10 Year Reunion, Camille’s wedding, my first solo Christmas/Thanksgiving. (And that’s not even the bad stuff! What a jammed packed year!).

I’m so excited for 2013 and a new house, new tenants, new ward, new experiences.  It should be exciting!  To learning, growing, exploring.


Two Week Notice


Today I found out that my house is officially delayed by 2 weeks…sigh.  The cabinets took longer to install and now the countertops aren’t ready until next week.  I might get lucky and things will be done sooner but at this rate I wouldn’t count on it.  I have increased my leave date in my apartment complex and let my tenants know.  They were all bummed about the delay but understanding, which I am SO grateful for.  I really found the best people ever for my new place.  Everything would be so much more stressful if they were unhappy.

The truth is it is out of my hands but that is exactly what makes it so nerve-wracking.  I am just at the whim of this other group, tossed about from one week to another.  That is very frustrating, but also the nature of the beast.

Any of you out there have any strategies for dealing with the next few weeks in a healthy way? Maintaining my anxiety, not getting to worked up, etc?  I kind of wish I hadn’t started packing so early because it adds to the sense of chaos and lack of control in my life, creating more anxiety, but how was I to know? As late as last week they were still committing to the 31st as the end date so you have to prepare for that.

I’ve been trying deep breathing, my sleep hygiene, exercise, essential oils, and even some medicine on occasion, but what other tools help all of you out there dealing with anxiety during intense times of change?  I would really appreciate some feedback on this one.

Have any of you built a house? Perhaps you can relate to what I’m experiencing.  I’m now realizing what a bold move it was to dive into not only home ownership but a build and an income property and I know that is part of what is overwhelming.  However, on the same breath I know it is right but the right things can be overwhelming and full of anxiety (ie pretty much every day on my mission…).

I would love to hear your experiences from any of you that have been through home builds.  Unless it’s horror stories.  Save those for another day!

At least I know what’s coming and am not waiting in limbo for contractors to get back to the builder.  That was worse than a delay.  In the meantime, I’m trying to count my blessings and manage my anxiety that is nearly constantly bubbling inside me (I told my Mom today I can’t help it.  It’s just there all the time.  I can help how I respond to it but not make it go away).