Day: November 19, 2012

Family Ward

So this post is mainly for my LDS friends but as a blogger named smilingLDSgirl I think I have that prerogative.   I have an admission to make- I walked out of church on Sunday in a huff.  Was it immature?  Yes.  Was it unprovoked? I don’t think so.

Before I explain myself let me say that everyone has been very friendly in my family ward, especially the primary presidency who has gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable.

Where the main problem is I spent 14 years of my church life in a homogeneous environment where I was carefully nurtured and cared for.  Then in January I was told to radically change that environment, change my routine, my Sunday experience, my peer group, activities, everything.  It’s a tough thing on a person like me to be forced away from that environment to something that at times feels familiar and other times completely foreign.  The adjustment to the family ward has been harder than I thought it would be from the singles ward.

Here’s what made me mad yesterday:

Well, first I was admittedly a little vulnerable not going home for Thanksgiving, feeling a little lonely.  I went to church hoping for nourishment and to be cared for like I was in the singles ward (especially my last one. Not all my singles wards were so great.  Remember Testimingo?). I had also worked really hard on my lesson preparing a treat, a visual aid and game.

Sacrament meeting was good, a couple spoke and a high counselor (we always have a couple speak and either a youth speaker or high counselor. I have not been asked to speak).  So I had brought a bag full of stuff for the lesson including my laptop that I hauled around and headed to my classroom but to my surprise I saw the young women there.  They looked at me with surprise and said in cheerful voices that they were teaching.  Normally I would have been fine with them teaching, even grateful, but since I had put in the work, I felt a little snubbed. Okay maybe a lot snubbed.

I at least figured there must be a pretty important reason to pull us out of class unannounced, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately when I got to the combined meeting it was all on the Duty to God program and helping the young men.  All I could think was really? Did I really need to hear this? And was it so important to cancel my lesson?  How the heck am I suppose to apply this to my life? I don’t get it.

I only know 2 young men in the ward and they aren’t exactly looking to me for advice.  Nobody else even knows who I am.  I’m sorry but I felt doubly snubbed.  Like I’d been stood up for a date twice, maybe three times in one day.  It made me really mad because it was like people just assume everyone has a family, or they give some token line that is supposed to include everyone but just makes you feel more ostracized.

I don’t expect everything to be about me but why couldn’t that meeting have been for just the parents of boys or teens?  Why make everyone sit through it, replacing their lessons and making them feel like they don’t belong.  The ward is supposed to be my family while my family is away and aside from the best home teacher in Draper I’m left feeling ignored and frustrated.

Between both slights and a year of other frustrations I grabbed my mammoth backpack and left. I was definitely not in the mood for anyone to see me cry and I didn’t want to say anything I’d regret because I was angry.  Like I said, I’m sure it was immature but that’s what I did.  A friend did call to apologize about the class mixup, which I’m grateful for but the reason why it all happened still bugged me but that wasn’ t her fault, it’s just the family blinders we can have.

You know what would have been nice the Sunday before thanksgiving- how about some talks or a lesson on gratitude! Is that too much to expect? Instead I get 2 reminders of how I don’t fit in and truly SINGLE I am.  I get it.  I don’t need to be reminded!

In truth if I could pick I would go back to my old singles ward in a heartbeat and I am definitely going to make going to activities a priority from now on.  I could go to a midsingles ward but it is far away and huge (700+ people).  I think I’d feel more lonely there than in the family ward. Sigh…

Sometimes I envy my  single friends who go to other churches because their marital status is a non-issue.  It is not a requirement for exaltation to get married and family isn’t the building block of their faith.  Oh how I envy that!  But I know the Book of Mormon is true like I know I can breath each day.  It is my breath and gets me through any struggle. You can bet I was reading it and praying on Sunday! (I didn’t say I was perfect…).

My experience with attending church has no impact on my testimony of the doctrine’s truthfulness.  That may be hard for some to understand but it is true.  The thing that scares me is I’m moving into a new ward next month and its going to be my home for a long time.  I have to make it work, but to be honest I’m at a loss at what I could do to be more immersed in the ward environment?  I really am?  I have 3 callings, 2 that keep me the most busy, I do my visiting teaching, I never miss a meeting.

I am isolated away in primary which keeps me from meeting other adults, almost all the activities revolve around the youth and I miss Relief Society and Sunday School (I do get to go to SS when I teach. I love my co-teacher!).   Still, if I wasn’t super extroverted, like I am, nobody would know I exist.  It’s like you have to be high maintenance to get any love. I didn’t even get any visitors after I had my surgery from the ward.

I just don’t know what to do?  Lately I’ve been feeling spiritually stymied.  My testimony has not changed but it hasn’t grown either.  It’s just stayed at about an 8 and I need a 10, but how can I do that alone? I’m pretty comfortable being alone.  Goodness knows I live alone by choice but it still hurts to be ignored, isolated and forgotten, I don’t care how strong you are.  I know God does not forget  but we all need the ward family as well.  I need the nourishment of others and their feelings of the scriptures.  I need discussions with people, not just online, but real life.

I’ve tried to start up an institute class but it hasn’t gone anywhere.  There are 30+ classes but they are all far away and I just always seem to have something else going on.

I guess I’m just holding out hope that with my tenants to group with in the next ward maybe things will go better.  Have any of you ever not accepted a calling?  If they automatically call me back to primary that is going to be a tough one for me to accept.  I will definitely let my feelings known on the topic and then let God decide.

Anyway, I don’t know what to do to make things better?  Any ideas?  Thanks to all my twitter single friends for coming to my defense.  Love you guys!

What would you do if you were me? Is there something I’m missing?  Is this what I have to look forward to for the rest of my church experience?  Other single saints please tell me what you do to be nourished and not feel isolated in the family wards?

I will never stop going.  Don’t you worry about that (some of my friends worry about me, which I’m grateful for) but there has to be something I can do to feel more fulfilled on Sunday’s and to ingratiate myself more with the ward?  Please help!

It also didn’t help that I had a high anxiety work-week with little to no relaxation on Saturday.  The gruesome combo. Sigh…My life!


Twinkie Conundrum

So Hostess has closed.  We have all heard that.  Another American brand down the drain, no bailout for those 18k workers, no recourse for a union that flushed workers down the drain.

Here’s the funny thing since the news came out I have heard basically this same conversation from almost all of my friends/family (even my Dad!):

“I’m not going to miss all those unhealthy foods.”

or  “America is sure going to be healthier with out all the trans-fats clogging their arteries”

but then the statement is almost always followed by ‘I will miss those cupcakes though’, or ‘I wonder how much longer we can get a snowball?’ or ‘hard to imagine no more wonder bread or twinkies’.

What makes me laugh is that almost everyone I know plays the part of the healthy eater, glad Hostess is gone and ridding America from its guilt-ridden treats but secretly are lamenting the loss.  I guess it is the definition of a guilty pleasure!

I wonder if part of the remorse is like watching Saturday morning cartoons. They are syrupy and stupid but you kind of like them.  They remind you of being a kid again and for those of that had pleasant childhoods the remembrance is pleasant.  Perhaps we like such food because when we were a kid we didn’t have to worry so much about carbs, organic food, clean eating or any of that crap? We could just eat a twinkie if our Mom told us it was okay.

Perhaps we like things like hostess because we secretly LIKE THEM! In one Washington Post article about the mass selloff of twinkies on ebay a vendor described the situation well:

“If buyers do not bite, Mr. Edmonds is not sure what he will do with his supply. He does not even like Twinkies.

“I do like to have a Ding Dong every once in a while though,” he said.”

(I swear that same caveat is being said by nearly every American)

I remember when I saw Martha Stewart making her own peeps and I felt tired and a little disgusted.  What a waste of time when the original are delicious. I’m sure she would be insulted at the idea of store bought peeps but at Easter I wouldn’t want them any other mixed up, gussied way, just gooey, crispy peeps.  I like gourmet food but I also like familiar food where I know how it will taste and what it will be like.  I think that is the appeal of a lot of foods like Hostess. They are easy to eat, absorb and enjoy.

What foods do you like that you are slightly embarrassed to admit liking?  Come on, let it out.  I can think of some:

1- Chicken Nuggets- not fancy chicken strips (although those are good too).  I’m talking about crunchy little chicken pieces of manufactured yumminess and I get all the sauces I can muster.

2- pizza- This is really a guilty pleasure but I like all variations of pizza, not just the bubbly gourmet kind with fancy cheeses but the greasy pepperoni from Little Caesars (and I love Crazy bread!)

3- Movie popcorn- I love popcorn in general but I like the salty, yellow, intoxicating smelling popcorn at the movie theater.  I do! (With extra butter of course).

4- Sweet/Sour candies. When I went on my sugar fast the thing I craved the most was sour patch kids.  Strange but something about that lip puckering sweet and sour sounded so good.

5- Ice Cream- I’ve never met a flavor or brand of ice cream I don’t like.  I love the fancy gourmet kinds but also the big buckets of generic vanilla.
I also love ice cream novelties like drumsticks and fudgicals

6- Popsicles- I love those double popsicles in cherry, root beer, grape, banana, orange, etc.  You know the one’s?

7- Ramen noodles- I don’t like canned soup- ever, ever, ever!  I don’t eat it unless I’m forced and if I’m sick I’d much rather have ramen than canned soup.  I just don’t like the tecture of it.

8- Really hot fresh french fries.  They just aren’t the same baked.  Need the deep frier.  I love sauces.

9- Pillsbury- I think those crescents and biscuits are delicious.

10- Slurpees- Love all the favors, all the time.

11- Donuts- I love chocolate, maple donuts, simple glazed, powdered, whatever!  The smell makes me crazy.  Even those little powdered one’s make me happy.

12- Crackers- I love Chicken n’ biscuit, ritz, saltines, club crackers whatever.  YUM!

13- pudding snacks- not fancy kind.  Just standard pudding cups.

14- On same line lunchables.  Ah the decadence!

( I could keep going…)

What about you?  What do you have to talk yourself into getting a salad for?  What transfat nightmares do you linger over in the market and then head for the whole wheat section…

Be honest!  Who out there is secretly going to miss the twinkie?