October Almost Over

Can I just say I’m glad October is almost over?  It has definitely been one of those months that I look back with a sigh of fatigue.  In one month I had a near panic attack, worked 50+ hours every week, got in a car accident, helped plan a reunion, battled a wicked infection, started vision therapy, and hit some roadblocks on my house build. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Thank goodness I had a weekend off at the beginning!

I certainly hope that November is less eventful.  It may be the other extreme because I will be home a lot writing my book.  Sounds nice! I do have book club, swim meet on the 10th and some kind of Thanksgiving to break things up.  Plus, I will probably start boxing up non-essentials towards the end of the month.  I am so not looking forward to moving and stress of closing/buying my first property. I looked into hiring movers but it was so outrageous $1200 for just the big pieces in a 2 bedroom apartment.

I’m sorry in advance if I’m not the most festive this Christmas season.  It will be all I can do to just get through it.

I kind of wish I could do Thanksgiving and Christmas in January and February. Would that be too weird? I will go to Messiah Sing and and Christmas Carol.  Got to keep those traditions alive.  Will miss my memory tree but will definitely have to get an ornament to symbolize this crazy time of my life.

Not visiting my folks this year for Christmas or Thanksgiving is going to be interesting.  Luckily I have so much going on there won’t be much time for loneliness.  Like I said just got to get through the next couple months.  If I complete my novel, move, close my house, get tenants moved in, survive end of the year at work without going insane I will be a happy camper.

I’ve got to think of simple Christmas gifts that can be easily shipped, won’t take much time or cost much (between vision therapy, surgery, accident and home purchase, my pocket book has taken a hit!).

Anyway, excuse me for complaining a bit but I really am grateful to get through October.  Now on to November.  🙂




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