So just want to announce that today I made an offer on a house!!!  Well, its a townhouse.  I can’t believe it but I really feel good about it.  I’m shocked that I found a place I liked so fast but I went in and felt at home and I really think I can get a good deal.  We will see how they respond! I can’t believe I am buying a house by myself.  I’m pretty comfortable being by myself but I never thought I would buy a house by myself.

Have any of you out there purchased homes by yourself? Any tips for the process? I still have 21 days to review and rescind.  Work out financing and we’ll see.  They may not even accept my offer but we’ve had communication with them so I’m hopeful.

I just never would have thought I would have found a place so fast but as soon as I got inside I knew it was special.  I love the spacing of it and just everything about it.  The only sacrifice I’m making is it doesn’t have a gas range but other than that it is perfect.   It felt like home and I don’t know if I will find anything that is as good for as good a price.

I’m excited and nervous and thrilled at the same time.  We will see what happens but I couldn’t believe I even did it.

The good thing is I made this decision.  I took other’s advice and am still doing so but the real decision was mine and I think I needed that.  I feel confident and at peace.

I know the offer was the right thing to do.  We’ll see what happens!!!!




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