Sacramento Swimming Enthusiasts

So this week I am taking a break from my vacationless summer with a visit to my folks house for a ‘family reunion’.  There is such an age gap in my family that in order for us to be together we have to schedule time.  There has never been a time when all of us lived in the house at the same time while growing up.

I’ve had to work quite a bit (nature of my job) but I’ve still tried to have some fun.  I’ve also gotten lots of swim time in.

On facebook there is a group called Did You Swim Today where people from all over the world post about their swimming each day.  It is a lot of fun to share your swimming goals and to get to know other swimmers. One day as I looked at the posts I noticed a group from Sacramento called The Sacramento Swimming Enthusiasts.  As my parents live in El Dorado Hills, near Sacramento, I contacted the group Shawn to see if I could join them.

Sacramento Swimming Enthusiasts.

They were very nice and went out of the way to make things accessible for me. On Monday I met them at Folsom Lake and we had a great swim. It’s amazing how one thing like swimming can bond people together.  I think sometimes we make friendshipping too hard.  All it takes is one thing in common to form a friendship.

The lake was crowded but it was still beautiful.  A lot of fun.  I swam my longest distance up to that point of 1.6 miles and the other swimmers were much faster than myself.  Gave me something to work towards. I think I have a pretty good stroke.  It’s just getting the cardio up and that makes the difference.

Meeting up with new swimmers gave me an idea.  Wouldn’t it be fun to travel to swims? I was thinking you could make a list of places you want to go to and find swims and swim groups at those places.  It would be a fun way to make new friends and get to view beautiful lakes all over the place.  Who’s in? We could even swap.  You have me and I’ll have you.  Lots of great lake swimming in Utah!


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