Water Camera Fun

So I was goofing off a bit today and having fun with my waterproof camera.  Enjoy! Happy swimming!

This video is shaky but I still thought it was kind of cool. Amazing what you can do.  It wasn’t long ago that a dunk in a pool was death to camera.  I also like the mirrored goggles with these shots.  They kind of look like sunglasses.

Someone asked me what I’m listening to.  Its a speedo mp3 and I love Kelly Clarkson right now (actually always have) especially Stronger, among other songs on my swim playlist. What songs do you like to exercise to?


5 thoughts on “Water Camera Fun

    1. I think it will be so much fun to use the waterproof camera swimming with the girls. I can see them getting totally into the underwater photos!

  1. Hi!
    I’ve found your blog some days ago and I like it, especially your posts about swimming 🙂 Carry on the good work! 😉
    Many greetings from Germany

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