This can only be a super quick post because I have to get to work but I just wanted to announce that I bought a bike.  After 15 years of not biking I have finally decided to embrace a more active lifestyle with a bike.  I’m thrilled with my purchase and can’t wait to get out there and ride!

The idea behind the bike is right now I have exercise time and regular time.  I want to add something in the middle.  Just active time.  This will be especially good if I can convert passive time such as driving into active time.  It will take some practice and I feel unbalanced but I will get there.

Its a Trek Navigator 2.0.  I got it because of the low frame, the heft felt secure, the large seat, and it still has 21 speeds.

Who is going to be the first one to go riding with me? I will probably be super slow but it would be fun.


Riding a bike for the first time in 15 years. Hurray!

So one more item off of the Too Fat For List done! (#10)



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