Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielsen

Today I was feeling a bit burned out from a few tough months (2012 has proven to be a toughee).  Sometimes I just feel exhausted from life, emotionally, physically drained.  Preparing for my race is awesome but also pretty tiring.  I know it will all be worth it when I cross that finish line but right now it feels like I’m never going to be ready.  Anyway, there has been a mix of things that have just left me tuckered out! (On the plus side my pain has reduced and my thyroid meds have definitely been helping, so that’s great. I have many blessings, too many to name but I still feel wrung out and tired. Do you understand?)

Anyway, I decided to post this review for this book that has inspired me.  On the plane I had a woman who refused to sit next to me because of my weight.  I couldn’t believe that someone wouldn’t want to sit next to me when I don’t even need an extender.  Combined with everything else I was dealing with it really made me feel down.

I was so glad I brought this book and I devoured it in 2 days.  As small as my challenges are I feel like if Stephanie can conquer hers with such an awesome attitude than I can figure out my little one’s.  She is my new hero. 🙂

And hurray they had a new baby!  Miracles happen.  http://nieniedialogues.com/

Heaven Is Here: An incredible story of hope, triumph, and everyday joy by Stephanie Nielson

My rHeaven Is Here: An incredible story of hope, triumph, and everyday joyating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m not even kidding may be my favorite book I’ve ever read. It was so moving. Stephanie and Christian are so amazing. Their love is inspiring. Stephanie’s story is amazing. To think of not wanting to look in a mirror for months and to have a child not recognize you as their mother. Ah, it was heart breaking but Stephanie’s faith is so profound. It is real and she has conflict and confusion.
I can’t imagine anyone, even an atheist not be inspired by the love of family and the courage of a human being with insane odds.
I think of my little wounds (and recently I have felt wounded) and it seems so small but knowing Stephanie could find strength to overcome such big things makes me feel like I can overcome the little wounds I have.
Also, never have I been more proud to be a Utahn, a Mormon and never has hiking the Y been more thrilling!
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Her story is just so amazing.  I’m blown away by her courage and beauty.


5 thoughts on “Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielsen

  1. Joan Saunders Orchard
    I loved that book too. And read it just as quickly as you! I didn’t think it would be one of those books I couldn’t put down, but she is so inspiring–not just because of all she’s been through, but her amazing attitude where I KNOW she has to work hard to think positively.

    1. that’s right. The working hard to be positive thing impressed me. She is so real with everything. As a mother didn’t it just tear your heart out when her daughter wouldn’t come in the room for all those months? Ah, I’m not even a Mom and it was so heart breaking. But she was so loving and seems to understand that all humans have unique processes for absorbing trials. It really is a triumph of an entire family.

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    I thought with Elder Holland’s masterpiece of a talk on mental illness where he mentions Stephanie’s story I would repost my blog after reading her book last year. So moving.

  3. Btw, probably not the best book to read on a plane…Didn’t know that when I took it with me. Ha. The thing that makes this book amazing is the mental and physical journey she goes on. Especially when she talks through the door to Claire for months it ripped my heart out. Everyone should read it.

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