Day: March 17, 2012

Boxing for Girls

I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this blog that this morning I had plans to attend my first boxing class.  It’s been fun to see and hear people’s response when they hear of this plan.  I’m not the most spontaneous person, pretty predictable, so it’s neat to every once in a while surprise people.  It’s not a huge surprise to me because I’ve always liked punching bags and loved taking self defense at BYU.  Maybe its a result of being bullied as a child but I’ve always wanted to be able to defend myself and boxing always looked super fun and satisfying.  (Better not tick me off.  I’m in training! 🙂 )

Got to love the green gloves for St Patrick's Day!

I was a little worried that my pulled leg muscle would prevent me from going but I decided to go for it.  The Boxing for Girls club is in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake, so a good 30 minutes from my apartment.    They do a good job with the styling of the gym, giving it a gritty, boxing feel.

There were around 20 girls who came (plus, one Dad who was taking the class with his daughter, how cute is that!) and 3 instructors (2 men, 1 woman).  For the first half hour we were given a routine of 5 sets of weight lifting and other aerobic activities (squats, lunges, crunches etc).  We had to do each 17 times and then repeat the whole routine as many times as we could.  I got through it 3 times.

This was a nice way to do things because you were pacing yourself but motivated by the activities of others.  I normally hate aerobics classes because I can never keep up with the moves.  I have almost no natural rhythm (and no I’m not just being modest…).  It also made it easier to modify things so that it worked for you.  For example, my leg being a little tight I could be more gentle on that side with the lunges.

Once that was over we split into 2 groups.  Half of the group did ring practice where we had to move our feet from side to side in a circle and then about every 30 seconds do a push up (or as close to one as we can do!).

The other half got to try different punches with boxing gloves on punching bags.  It was a ton of fun!  Seriously I could punch that bag forever.  I love it!

Everybody was so friendly and I will definitely be going back.  I think it is such a terrific idea to have a place like this designed for girls.  So brilliant!  (I tell you every year I find one more reason why I love Utah.  Each year it will get harder and harder if I ever have to move).

I bought a pass for 20 classes, so if anyone wants to come with me that’d be great.  (Its $15 for a normal session, $200 for the 20 pass).  I’m sure I will be super sore tomorrow but it’s worth it.

It’s great to try something new and add a bit of spice to my workout.  (One amusing thing is the music was totally different than I was expecting.  It was classic rock.  I never thought I’d be boxing to Mama’s and Papas. 🙂 )

It was sort of funny after the workout I visited my Grandma Richards because the gym is close by.  Talk about contrasts!  Boxing and visiting the elderly.  Not bad for a Saturday….

Happy St.  Patrick’s Day.  I was going to wear my green Sara Bareilles shirt but could not find it anywhere.   I had a little green on the turtles on the back of my shirt so that had to do.


At the end of the workout. Is there any doubt it was a good workout!