Body Image

For those who don’t have pinterest- I really liked this. I think she’s right on (and I normally not the hugest Tina Fey fan.  I don’t think 30 Rock is funny…!). In reading my old journal it is also amazing how much I talk about losing weight and my body image.  I just assume that if I had a certain body type I would be happier.  I’ve learned it is not true.

There is always something to feel bad about yourself if you let it. I used to think that if you were skinny you’d get married and live happily ever after.  To be honest I am not sure how the happily ever after happens, especially as far as meeting the special someone is concerned, but I am positive it has nothing to do with being skinny.

I don’t think we are fated or victims in life but I am increasingly convinced most of the test of life is trying to squeeze joy out of events, good and bad, that happen to you; and in the end becoming the person you are meant to be.  I’ve spent a lot of my life stressed out over things I have no control over. I’m working on that. You live and learn!


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