Day: February 28, 2012

Surgery Change

Real quick update- so I’ve been having a problem with my ribcage and been exploring it with my doctor.  Had blood work done today and yesterday.  My pour arm looks so battered and abused. 😦

They actually think it may not be fibromyalgia after all and that it might be pleurisy or something else. It may also be chronic pain but we will know more in the next few weeks, months. After a year plus of doctors telling me I had the flu or it was exercise pain I finally have found a doctor who is taking this seriously.  I feel like if there is an answer to be found we will find it.

So with all this pain and change I’ve talked to my eye doctor today and we decided together to put off the strabismus surgery to a later date.  It will probably happen in May or this summer.  I hate to have more time to stew on it but it will be a good test of my new resolve to have a calm, happy focus in my life.

Thanks for all your help and support through all this.  Will keep you posted on everything!




Body Image

For those who don’t have pinterest- I really liked this. I think she’s right on (and I normally not the hugest Tina Fey fan.  I don’t think 30 Rock is funny…!). In reading my old journal it is also amazing how much I talk about losing weight and my body image.  I just assume that if I had a certain body type I would be happier.  I’ve learned it is not true.

There is always something to feel bad about yourself if you let it. I used to think that if you were skinny you’d get married and live happily ever after.  To be honest I am not sure how the happily ever after happens, especially as far as meeting the special someone is concerned, but I am positive it has nothing to do with being skinny.

I don’t think we are fated or victims in life but I am increasingly convinced most of the test of life is trying to squeeze joy out of events, good and bad, that happen to you; and in the end becoming the person you are meant to be.  I’ve spent a lot of my life stressed out over things I have no control over. I’m working on that. You live and learn!