Secret Super Powers

straight haired rachel
I love this photo.

(One of my super powers is changing my hair from curly to straight at a 2 hour notice).

So I just wanted to write a quick bit before I head off to work.  Do you ever have a talent that you don’t use very much but you are actually quite good at it.  It’s like the 2nd choice in career choices.  You could have gone there but for whatever reasons you picked something else.  I sometimes feel like I stumbled into my career rather than chose it. I took one accounting job after my mission and that’s it my whole life but its worked out pretty well.

Still, its fun to have other things that only the best friends end up finding out.  For instance, my Mom is a way good painter.  My friend Camille, a guidance counselor, is super good at statistics (she saved my but in statistics class for my MBA).  My friend Megan, the teacher, makes really good rolls and breadsticks.

Well, here’s my secret super power- I’m a really good editor.  Its so funny because I stunk at writing and grammar in my younger years.  School in general was a struggle.  I kept okay grades but Ben and Megan were the scholastic achievers of the family.  I had a really hard time crafting the thought in my head.  I remember being so frustrated that nobody got what I was trying to say.

Then something happened my freshmen year of of college that all of these things clicked in my brain.  I think it was the first time in my life that I felt smart, and feeling smart told my brain to be smart.  I just became excited about life and learning.  Believe it or not I was not a veracious reader and that first year of college I couldn’t get enough reading.  (It’s amazing I was able to fit in with my schooling and all the fun I had).

I even taught a lesson on grammar and became  teaching assistant my senior year (the best experience of my life, I’m not even kidding).  Dr.  Bohn even left me to teach his classes for an entire day.  After freaking out I did it and did a good job.  It was one of the best days of my life for sure.

That’s why I love BYU so much.  It taught me that I had all of these super powers, that I was super.

My Grandpa Richards also taught me that I had super powers. He believed everyone was super.

Anyway, my friend asked me to review her paper for her PHD department’s presentation and I was confidently nervous (can there be such a thing? Yes, I experienced it when reading this paper.).

I turned it back to her and her response was great!

“Wow! You way exceeded my expectations. I knew you would be good, but you were stunning! Have you ever thought about having a job of being a copy editor? I can’t believe how many mistakes and places we were too wordy that you found. I owe you a billion swim lessons for this.”

Now, doesn’t that put a smile on a girl’s face! It made my day.

I’m feeling good about life. I have super grammar powers.  How can you not feel good about that! 🙂

What are your secret super powers and talents?

Well, have a great weekend friends.  Love you all!


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