So its 4:30am and I have gotten zero hours sleep.  That’s right zero, 0, none… To try and get some sleep I have read a book, listened to my ipod, taken meds, taken supplements, used my cpap, praying, essential oils, nothing is working. At this point I’m wondering if I should just start the day with no sleep?

The crazy thing is I feel tired I just can’t sleep. I have done the sleep labs and that has helped with the sleep apnea but not the insomnia.  In fact, the mask makes it worse because its hard to sleep with the darn thing all over my face.  Part of the problem is all of my senses become heightened when I am getting ready to sleep.  The slightest light, like the light of my power strip or phone, will drive me crazy.  The sounds of birds or the stupid geese at the pond outside my window will keep me up.  Honk, honk, honk…I think I’m the only person who isn’t thrilled by the sounds of birds chirping! (How I am ever going to get used to sleeping with another person if I get married I have no idea…)

My heater is also quite loud and the air blows above my head.  That can keep me up, but I have it at a low temperature. I can’t freeze!

I also have the problem where I can’t shut my brain off.  I’ve had some weightier matters on my mind today, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about them no matter how hard I tried. Even things like the family home evening got my brain thinking and I couldn’t shut it off.

The downside of working from home is that I can always work.  There is no clear cut off between home, social life, work, etc.  It all kind of blurs together for me.  This is usually a great advantage but it has its negatives.

Anyway, I’m at my whits end.  Does anyone have ideas that might help?  The worst thing about it is its effecting my workouts.  I mean I was going to meet my swim coach today at noon but how can I do that if I have had no sleep?  It also makes me more prone to infection and illness.  I have felt something coming on me for the last few days.

Seriously, I need ideas. What can I do to get a good night’s sleep?




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