Day: February 20, 2012

FHE for 1

So, it has always been my greatest desire to be obedient to the prophet of my church.  One of the things that he has asked every Latter-day Saint to do is to hold family home evening.  This has always been a bit of a problem as I do not have a traditional family.  Its just me! (at least for the moment, with no foreseeable change in the future).

This gap in my gospel living has become particularly important recently as I have made the transition from the young single adult ward to a family ward.  In a singles ward they have activities on Monday night (the traditional home evening night) with a lesson and family-type activity.  While I may certainly still attend these activities eventually I have to make the transition to my new lifestyle. After all, I’m not going to be 40 and still going to YSA FHE activities!

So, today I was thinking about this problem and came across an old article in the Ensign entitled Family Home Evening for One by Judyth Barton.  It gave me a whole new idea- I should have family home evening for myself.  I’m a family of one, so why not!  I can certainly use the inspiration in my life and I have learned that any obedience is always a source of blessings- even if it is just the knowledge to get through tough times.  I KNOW it will bless my life.

Plus, it will help me to be ready if Mr Sunshine ever does come.  It will be easy for me to convert a family home evening for one into more.

I have decided to create a new blog that will just be for my lessons and thoughts for FHE.  This blog is designed for members of my faith and really isn’t a forum for debate on what I believe.  I don’t think that is very productive anyway but this blog will remain my main source of discussion and continue to cover a variety of topics. is just for my  FHE lessons, progress and experiences.  I’ve already made my first entry.  I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts.  I decided for the moment to focus on the talks from conference for my lessons.

I hope that my friends will include me in their family home evenings and that they will come to be a part of mine. Anyone is certainly welcome to join with me!