PB and J Pancakes

Lately food has been a pain in the neck.  Everything just looks gross and I’ve had no appetite to eat much of anything.  I am sure that sounds peachy but it is kind of a pain.  I have food, healthy food, and I’m not eating junk but just looking at my fridge makes me feel nauseated.  I can’t explain it. The odd thing is eating these super small amounts I feel great!  I feel alert, happy, light.   This whole month I have felt really well.  I’ve had painful days but not as many as in other months (I think part of it is this amazing weather we’ve had.  I feel weighted down when the weather is cold and gray).

Anyway, as I bird-eat I find that I have to freeze a lot of what I make because I’m just not very hungry.  Its hard to make meals for 1 anyway but even if I do there is still at least one portion left these days.  Some things freeze better than others.  Like the other day I made these thai peanut noodles.  They didn’t reheat well and kind of turned black.  Still tasted good but looked gross.

The pork I made Sunday has saved well and will be nice to have frozen for quesadillas, pizzas, omelets ect. I am working to come up with recipes that I can freeze so that hopefully we can have a healthy, low GI, freezer meal party.  A couple of my friends are already interested.   The problem is a lot of freezer meals contain creamed soups and preservatives which I do not want, especially hanging around in my freezer for months.  If any of you know of good freezer meal recipes that are low in sugar and white carbs send them my way.  Does anyone know how quinoa freezes?

So, today I decided to make my whole wheat pancakes as previously posted https://smilingldsgirl.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/whole-wheat-pancakes/.  This was a recipe given me to my internet friend White Lilly .   These are not the heavy whole wheat pancakes you are used to but are light and fluffy.  (This time I used Stevia instead of sugar.  It didn’t really work.  I would use agave instead.)

Anyway, to shake things up a bit I decided to make PB and J pancakes.  So, I took a bag of frozen strawberries on the stovepot, melted them down (didn’t need any liquid because of the ice but if you made from fresh might need 1/4 water), and a tbsp of stevia.  I let it cook until the strawberries were wilted.  At this point you could blend it to make it smooth but I kind of like the hunks of strawberries.

Strawberries, raspberries, peaches and cherries are all considered LOW GI fruit. Having an index of 32 or below.  Kiwi’s, figs, mangos and bananas are nearly double; however, they can still be valuable for other reasons if used sparingly.

With the finished strawberry topping I spread a layer of creamy peanut butter on each pancake and then poured the strawberries on top (the strawberries will be good on yogurt or ice cream.  Nice way to use frozen fruit, which is cheaper and lasts longer)!

PB and J pancakes. I've been trying to have better food photography on my blog. What do you think? I honestly couldn't eat all of this only 1/2. It was really good though.

And look at all I was able to save, enough for 5 more breakfasts.

5 Breakfasts in the freezer! Ziplocs work the best to stuff things in my little freezer

I’d like to get another smaller freezer because mine is always crammed full.  If anyone has a deal let me know.   This is the kind I would like:  I am hoping to find one used, on sale.  We will see.

Anyway, enjoy the pancakes and start experiencing with freezer meals and please send me your successes. Love ya!

13 thoughts on “PB and J Pancakes

        1. Funny. I haven’t been in family ward relief society to know. They dont talk about food storage as much as I would think

        2. I don’t know how many times I’ve filled in those R.S. questionnaires in different wards and branches around the country, and offered to share what I know, but except for one ward mission event more than ten years ago, where I set up a preparedness table with homemade cheese and other stuff, I’ve never been asked to teach it.

    1. This post was originally written a couple of years ago. I’ve had the chest freezer pictured for some time. Small and fits in my space perfectly. I love it.

      1. New ones have come down a lot in price, too, and home improvement chains often run sales. If more people understood the great range of options for home preparedness and storage, perhaps there wouldn’t be so many mindless runs on grocery stores when winter storms and other “acts” blamed on God are forecast.

        1. So true. I got mine at home depot at a black friday sale. I’ve gone 10 days living off my pantry/freezee.

        2. The occasional bulk-food order and even rarer dry-pack canner day are as ambitious as things get around here. If one’s mother didn’t teach one about cooking, freezing, canning, or dehydrating, there’s nobody else to take up the slack. My mother is an excellent cook and I learned about freezing and making bread and pasta from her, too. My paternal grandmother made delicious preserves from wild grapes (my grandfather made rotgut wine, though). I learned about making soap when I was in elementary school, of all places. Everything else I learned about canning, dehydrating, and stuff like making cheese and vinegar, knitting, crocheting and sewing, I learned on my own. Laura Ingalls Wilder was a great inspiration!

  1. I was thinking about my prior remark about nobody to turn to for such skills, and I think I miss-spoke. The 4-H organization and the County Extension Office would likely fill some of the gap, but my own experience with them is limited..

    But you’re setting a good example, Rachel, and ought to be an inspiration to your generation.

    1. Thank you! That made my day. I think the internet has actually helped us learn a lot of those skills. As far as cooking I learned a lot of it from my Mom having full bedrest for her pregnancies so we all learned. We also used to have these cooking contests where the 3 of us older kids would take a day and make a mammoth meal. It was really fun and one of the happiest memories of my teenage years.
      I’ve never had much of an interest in other types of crafts or handiwork. I just don’t have the patience. Even baking can be too long for my tastes but
      I get the feeling even in young women’s the approach has become less practical teaching and more spiritually focused. I guess it makes sense in a way with all we are fighting against.
      As far as freezing food it takes practice. I haven’t had great luck freezing starches like pasta or rice but sauces, soups, veggies, fruit are great.
      I need to do more food posts as I think they are helpful and a lot of fun. (They are a lot of work but worth it). Lately I’ve been having a ton of fine with my youtube videos and learning a lot about my camera, graphic design, filming, youtube etc. Still a long way to go but fun to be learning.
      I still got to listen to the audiobook. I’m sorry I’m such a slacker. Will get caught up this week.
      Thanks much. 🙂

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