Does the Journey Seem Long?

Today I must admit I had a meltdown at the gym.  I was exercising on 4 hours of sleep and for some reason the weight of 2 years of efforts felt heavy on my shoulders. All of the trials of the last year hit me and I started to cry.  We were actually just talking about a Christmas party tonight and trying to figure out food strategy when it all hit me- all the difficulties, all the pain, all the moments of denial. If I’m honest with myself I am not physically where I thought I’d be at the end of 2 years of training.  My body takes it’s sweet-sweet time changing; however, I have done all I can do.

As I was tearing up a question came into my mind- Does the Journey Seem Long?  Yes, it does!  It’s a great journey but sometimes it does seem long.  Driving home I realized this question is the beginning to a hymn I love.  I started to sing it and felt immediate comfort.  I think it was one of those tender mercies from the Lord.  The fact that I would think of that song at that moment is one more example that Jesus Christ loves me intimately and He wants to help me with my journey.  I’m so grateful for that.  It’s beyond words.

Thank you also to my trainer  Michele who has been there to strengthen me physically, spiritually and emotionally.  She knows when to get a box of tissues and when to give a hug.  I’m so blessed by the tender mercies of the Lord.

1. Does the journey seem long,
The path rugged and steep?
Are there briars and thorns on the way?
Do sharp stones cut your feet
As you struggle to rise
To the heights thru the heat of the day?

2. Is your heart faint and sad,
Your soul weary within,
As you toil ’neath your burden of care?
Does the load heavy seem
You are forced now to lift?
Is there no one your burden to share?

3. Let your heart be not faint
Now the journey’s begun;
There is One who still beckons to you.
So look upward in joy
And take hold of his hand;
He will lead you to heights that are new–

4. A land holy and pure,
Where all trouble doth end,
And your life shall be free from all sin,
Where no tears shall be shed,
For no sorrows remain.
Take his hand and with him enter in.


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