Hi from Utah!  After a nightmare of a flight I arrived back from a California business trip yesterday.   The reason I had to go on the trip is to set up my bookkeeping responsibilities for our new business Poler LLC. (It is always nice to see my family but great to return home.Its funny that I don’t consider where my parents live as home anymore?)

This is a very exciting business that I wanted to tell you about.   It has two major components- apparel and camping gear.  http://www.polerstuff.com/.

One blog describes the Poler products as “Based in Portland, Oregon, Poler’s outdoor equation seems to be one part heritage, one part skate, and one part shaggy Oregon bearded dudes. If you’re looking for a snowsports parallel, Poler might be the spacecraft of the outdoor world.

Everyone knows I’m not a huge camping nut but the design aesthetic for Poler is very cool and unique. My brother is a leader of Poler (not sure exactly what his position is called) but he has taken the lead on both design and product selection for this company.  He is also a talented photographer.  You see his wonderful photography on his blog http://www.benjiwagner.com/index.php

in addition to clothing they have knapsacks and dufflebags

They have hoodies and t-shirts that are slim cut super soft ringspun cotton
There are also amazing tents that pop together like magic

The idea for Poler is embracing nature and creating your own adventure which has appeal for even a non-outdoorsy person like myself.  I like nature I just don’t like all the work that usually comes along with setting up camping. Poler is all about making things easy and enjoying the nature that surrounds you.

Another blogger said, “It’s for people that look at most outsdoorsy stuff and wonder why everyone is trying to pretend they are going to do first ascents on alpine peaks instead of celebrating the fact that they are having adventures that are awesome in their own way.”

Check the website out and get your Christmas shopping done early.  Free shipping right now!

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