Sugar Fast

Most of my friends have learned about my current sugar fast.  Along with a prohibition against fast food, I have decided to stop eating desserts through the end of the year.  I am giving myself one day off a month, which means I will be eating treats on Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So far I’ve only had one day of treats this month and that was after my meet in Logan where I had some ice cream. It has been harder than I thought it would be but we are trying to change my cravings and most importantly my habits.   This is particularly important during this time of the year because there are so many sweet temptations that go along with the holidays.

Its amazing how quickly you get into the habit of eating sweets.  I noticed this on my mission.  I had never been in the routine of a daily dessert but on my mission people would feed us and often have a treat to end the meal.  When I got home I was surprised at how much I craved sweets after dinner.

It might sound like a drastic measure to go cold turkey but it is kind of a shock to my system and then hopefully be able to work sweets back into my life.  I just like sweets too much.  (Although I have been successful in keeping my blood sugar down for many months, so its not like I’m going crazy with the sugar!).

What sweet would you miss the most?

One of my friends wondered if this type of sweet fast would do more harm than good because it makes the denied food seem all the more appealing.  What do you think?  I would agree if it was a permanent fix but as a catalyst for increased health I think it is a good thing.

This next week is going to be a huge test because I am going on a business trip to California.  It will be some intense days of training, which will make exercise and diet very difficult.  Wish me luck!

On a side note- I think it is dumb when people put these type of restrictions on kids.  I read a blog today from a woman who suggests giving out prunes to trick or treaters.  Come on! I’m all for healthy eating but I also think there is nothing wrong with a child being allowed one day of candy and treats.  By giving them only prunes and organic lollipops a parent ostracizes children from their peers and makes food more of an issue than it should be.


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