General Conference Highlights

This post is mainly for my Mormon friends; although, I think there are inspiring messages for anybody in the talks I will share.

Last week in the midst of the chaos of my race I got to enjoy my church’s General Conference.  This is a meeting held twice a year in April and October and it is a chance for the prophet, apostles and other leaders to share messages that both inspire and clarify doctrine.  I look forward to conference each year but with the struggles of this year I have felt particularly fed by it.

I feel so fortunate that I have a faith to lean on when times get rough.  Sometimes I wonder why I need certain challenges but it is always comforting to know that God knows the reason. I know that I am in His hands, and as I seek to follow Him, I will find happiness.  I have read and prayed and have gained my own testimony of Christ’s love for me and the validity of His Church.

So here are four talks that I particularly liked at Conference.  Each of these talks display the love of God for his children and how that love is expressed in the lives of good people.  For some reason I needed to hear that this month:

President Uchtdorf on service and worthy sacrifice

President Uchtdorf on overcoming loneliness and despair.

President Eyring on service

Elder J.  Devin Cornish on tender mercies of God- I love the story about wanting a quarter and finding it.



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