Vacation Hangover

As much as I love vacation I think I hate the week after a vacation even more. Wouldn’t you agree?  It is so hard to catch up and get back into the swing of things.

This is particularly true with exercising.  I know I should exercise while I vacation but I find that very difficult.  When I go home my mother helps me to get a temporary membership at the gym near their house and that helps a lot.  I don’t really consider going home as going on vacation but it is very nice of her.  There is something about a gym that helps me to work out.  I wish I was the type of person that felt motivated to go for a run and lift weights by myself but I almost never do.

On the plus side, I typically am much more active while on vacation then I am in my normal life.  For instance, during this trip to Washington DC I walked all over the place!  On the down side, I eat worse on vacation, so I think it is at best a wash.

Either way, coming back to real life is hard.   Tuesday was my first day back at the gym, meeting with my triathlon coach Dave.  Boy did he work me hard!   He assigned me a mile swim (1750 meters)  with intervals at 500 m normal pace, 2 25 m sprints, 400 m normal, 2 25 m sprint…all the way down to 100.  It wasn’t my fastest swim but it was one of the toughest.  Plus, I got a flu shot on Monday so my arm was still a little sore (actually the muscle is still a little tender today).

Some people are critical of gyms/trainers but I can tell you I would not have swam or worked out as hard Tuesday without Dave pushing me (I probably would not have worked out at all.  Having an appointment got me in that door, pushing myself hard).  I just wouldn’t have.  I wish I was one of those self-motivated people who would swim miles on my own but I’m not. I need the encouragement and the obligation.

The next 3 weeks are going to be particularly intense because I am trying to get ready for my second race- Slam the Dam- in Las Vegas on October 1st.  It is a slightly longer race at 1.2 miles so it will be a new challenge  (small amount but I can tell you those last .2 miles will feel really long!).

Today I met with my trainer Michelle and she gave me a tough but not too intense work out.  I was so tired before meeting with her but now I  feel pretty good (could it be endorphins?).  Tomorrow I am planning on doing an open water swim and then Friday one of my open water swimming friends, Josh, is going to give me and my friend Kate a stroke lesson!  I’m really looking forward to it! He is even going to video tape our strokes under the water so that we can see how we might improve.  Should be pretty cool!

Getting back to exercise is not the only symptom of a vacation hangover.  Other serious side effects include a messy apartment with dishes everywhere, piles of laundry, blogs to write, friends to see, groceries to buy, work to make up, lessons to write, book club to schedule, and a seriously disheveled schedule in every other way.  Doesn’t it feel like you are constantly playing catch-up when you return for a trip?

The list seems endless!  I can tell you one thing, if I was rich I would hire someone to do my laundry.  I hate doing laundry.  It is definitely my least favorite chore.  I’d much rather do bathrooms, kitchens, dishes.  What is your least favorite chore?  There is one time when I cleaned the house spotless before my trip and coming home to a clean apartment was the best thing ever…If only I could do that every time.

I did find time to perform in the ward talent show on Monday (I really am trying to be more social instead of the gym rat I’d become).  I chose to sing Someday from the Broadway musical version of The Wedding Singer.  I was a little nervous but I think it went pretty well.  Everyone seemed pleased with my performance and thought it was funny.  Its a perfect song for a singles ward. It’s funny to think of how nervous I used to be when singing.  I fought my old teacher for weeks and nearly vomited before my first recital.  I still get nervous but it is much better than it used to be (I would hope so with 5 years of lessons!).

(Here is the version from the original broadway cast with tony winner Laura Benanti in lead vocals.  She is so amazing!)

Also, why do I always seem to plan my trips for the months that taxes are due?  It makes everything very stressful.  Note to self- no more trips in April, June, September or January!

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent a little.  It has been a jammed packed week already and it is only Wednesday!


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