Josh Groban

Yes that's a Josh Groban fan club t-shirt. I am in his fan club!
My friend Jill and I at the concert

After the excitement of the big race I had another treat (it really was the best day ever!), I was able to go to the Josh Groban concert. I had gotten the tickets as a birthday present to myself months ago. In fact, I debated about whether to enter the race or not because I didn’t want it to spoil the concert. In the end I am glad I decided to do both. (I was really tired by the end of the day but it was a good tired! A well-used, exhausted kind of tired).

Josh Groban has a special place in my heart for two reasons.  First, he is the same age as me and he came into fame when I started college .  It might sound cheesy but I feel like his songs could be a soundtrack to my life.  I LOVE his voice.  I know some of his songs are over-the-top but I still love them. I can think of countless times when I’ve felt depressed, turned on his albums and felt inspired, even comforted.

The second reason is in 2007 I was very depressed about my work when I decided to get tickets for Josh Groban’s Awake concert.  I had high hopes going into the concert because Awake is one of my favorite albums by any artist, ever.  Unfortunately I had terrible seats because I missed the purchase time while working at the temple.  They were true nose bleed seats- almost as high as the arena went.

To make matters worse his opening act was strange African techno music that made me nauseous.  (Saturday’s openning act was an amazing piano player named Elew.  It was unlike any piano player I’ve ever heard before. He even reached into the piano and plucked the strings- so cool! Check him out on itunes).

Naturally after the opening act I was feeling a little down about the concert and my bad seats, when they announced the filming of Josh’s Awake album would be that night in Salt Lake! (To listen to the full concert that I got to hear check out Josh’s Awake Live album.)

In excitement I left my seat to get a drink and as I made my way to the foyer a woman approached me.

She said “Would you like to move to lower seats?”

“Of course” I replied and I went and got my friend Camille.  We were moved to row 13 right by the stage!  There were moments Josh was singing to me and he was so close I touched his fingers (sorry to sound like a gaping teen but it was exciting!).  Particularly to go from zero to hero was so thrilling.  It was much better then if we had bought those tickets out right.

Anyway, it was such a low time for me that I have always felt like the concert was a tender mercy.  While this years concert was not quite as memorable it was still great!  In a strange way it was actually more intimate because it wasn’t scripted like the last DVD ready event.  It is awe inspiring to hear someone’s voice fill up a stadium like Josh Groban’s does.  He is an amazing talent and I love going to his concerts.

Excuse the shakiness in these clips.

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