Back to Reality

So after a 16 day trip involving 6 plane flights, many miles in a car, countless hours in the water and way too much junk food, I am home!   I must admit to having mixed feelings about being back.  On one hand I miss the ocean so much I want to cry but on the other I am tired and ready to get back to my regular life.

I actually started to miss my Utah routine and it is perhaps no surprise that in the two days I’ve been home I have already unpacked, met with my trainer, spent tons of money getting healthy organic food, booked nearly 20 hours of work, held my monthly book club meeting and tomorrow I am having my voice lesson.  As much as I miss the ocean I have to admit that I missed all of these parts of my life.  Its too bad that I can’t have it all- why can’t Utah move and be by an ocean!

It may sound cheesy but at least I have the memory and when I feel depressed I can pull the sound, rhythm and peace of the waves out of my pocket and remember.  I can also look back with great satisfaction at all I accomplished on this trip.  Its funny you think going to the North Shore, Oahu for the 4th time would get old or boring but each vacation feels different.  This one was wonderful because it was so active.  We were constantly walking, swimming, hiking, surfing and more.  There wasn’t as much soaking in the sun as in other trips and I found it immensely satisfying.

Since I started working out I haven’t had a real ‘I did it’ moment.  In other words, I have not felt like I have accomplished much in regards to my fitness/cardiovascular health.  I have seen the weight loss but the huffing and puffing, the fatigue, and aches and pains seem the same.  Especially surfing in Hawaii was the first time I felt a greater physical capacity.  I felt like I could do more and that was great!

On the downside I did not eat very well on my trip so it was important for me to get back working with my trainer the day after I came home- jet lag and all.  I gained 5 lbs in Hawaii but it was worth it.  What a great break!  It has motivated me to have more ‘I did it’ moments and my trainer and I set a goal to lose 15 lbs by the end of the summer- I want to get down to 250.   I am also recommitting myself to the No Fast Food Challenge that I temporarily abandoned on the island.  If anyone wants to join me that’d be great!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a little update.  I am back home and happy to be here, even while missing the ocean each moment.  I can’t say enough of my gratitude to my family, friends, colleagues and everyone else who made my trip possible.  Thank you!  I needed it so badly.  It allowed me to reflect on the crazy year I’ve been through and set new goals for the year to come.  It helped me remember that the world is big and magnificent (I’ve seen a lot of my apartment in recent months and it was good to get out!).  Thank you also to everyone who encouraged and loved me as I have struggled through this fitness quest.  It has been harder than I ever imagined and I could not have done it alone.  I feel so fortunate.  Thank you and Mahalo!

By the way, I got a $651 refund- yes you read right, refund- for my surgery!  Turns out the insurance covered more than the doctor expected so I was greeted by a large check upon arriving home.  Does it get better than that?  I still can’t believe it.  I decided in return for my good luck to finally order the kindle I’ve been pining after for like 2 years.  Best summer ever!

love this photo of me

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