More Hawaii

Hi friends!  I’ve been having a great experience here in Hawaii.  I can tell you one thing is for sure I have been pushing myself each day to get as much as out of the experience as possible.  The interesting thing is with all the swimming, hiking, and walking I’ve done my blood sugars have been super low- even with eating fairly poorly.  My average for the week is 106.

What have I learned from this experience?  Evidently I need to work out like 6 hours a day to keep my sugars very low!  Olympic training here I come!  I’m just kidding but it does seem that exercise and possibly reduced stress have a larger impact on sugars than what I eat.  I also started the onglyza just before I left so that may be a factor as well. Anyway, my body never fails to be interesting!

Like I said we’ve been packing it in with tons of fun things with some of the highlights being Pearl Harbor, Aloha Swap Meet, Ko Olina lagoons, Waimea State Park and Waterfall, Sunset Beach, Sharks Cove, Dole Plantation and the Polynesian Cultural Center.  My body is so sore but in a good way. My hair is also great here.  So curly!

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking here which has been fun.  It is kind of a challenge because the kitchen, and our budgets, are very limited.  Yesterday I made french toast with whole wheat bread and sautéed pineapple instead of syrup.  It was great.  I like experimenting in the kitchen with limited resources.  It makes you creative.

I also find I can eat all day here.  I’m constantly hungry. (The other day I polished off with no problem a barnyard burrito, which is just as big and delicious as you might guess). I think the hunger is because I am boiling hot but also because I am exercising so much.  It is also nearly impossible to keep hydrated.

Anyway, here are some photos of the trip.  Enjoy!

At the Aloha Swap Meet
USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
All 3 of us at the Polynesian Cultural Center
Me at the center
ko olina lagoons
Lilly pads on the trail to the falls
the lush greenery at the falls
I thought this was a pretty good photo of a flower
love this photo of me
that's me with the life vest. I wore one because the rapids were quite strong and I thought it would be more fun to be able to float
You can see me waiving.
The Dolphins that we saw at Waimea Bay! So exciting!
Waiting on the boat at Pearl Harbor. Such a spiritual place

I know it is kind of lame to look at other people’s vacation photos but I hope you enjoyed them.  I’ve been working to take better photographs on this trip.

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