Day: June 6, 2011

Say No to Drugs

Today I want to make an announcement- I have given up my narcotics habit.  Let me explain.  For the past six months I have allowed my physicians to keep piling on the prescriptions to help with my hormone problems, sugar regulations, insomnia and other problems.  It kind of happened without me realizing, one prescription here, another there, until as of yesterday I was taking around 10 pills a day and an injection.

For little spurts I felt improvement from the various treatments but never the large-scale change which was promised.  I seem to have a weak stomach which is upset rather easily (even the anesthesia from the eye surgery made me sick).   As I reported in one of my posts a medicine called victoza made me particularly sick a couple of weeks ago.  I literally couldn’t eat for days and was vomiting non-stop.  It was awful.

With a optimisitic attitude I tried it again and felt good for a couple of weeks but when I stopped taking all my meds for my eye surgery ,and then started them all again, the negative symptoms returned.  From last Thursday to Sunday I could not keep any food down and had terrible nausea, vomiting and other GI problems.  I almost went to the hospital Sunday because I had not eaten in 4 days.  In the end, I went to Instacare and got some anti-nausea meds and an antibiotic for a UTI.

I am sure all of that is an over-share but I wanted to explain how I came to my realization.  On Sunday I had a moment of clarity that said ‘nothing is worth feeling like this.  Nothing’.  At that moment I decided that if it takes me 5 years of grueling diet and exercise  as opposed to the more rapid help from the drugs that’s what I will have to do.  I will have to regulate my sugars and hormones the old-fashioned way.

Armed with this decision, I met with my doctor, and he was very supportive.  We decided to stop the victoza and metformin along with several other meds.  This reduces my meds to about 3 1/2 pills a day.  Pretty good, right?  The doctor is changing me to a different blood sugar med called onglyza that I only have to take 1/2 a pill a day and is better than either the victoza or metformin on the stomach.  I have bcp, lunesta for sleeping and one for my hormones called finasteride.

We may add or take away items as we go, but I feel good about this change.  I am not saying it is the right change for everyone, just for me.  I have felt very connected to the spirit during this whole process (finding my doctors, getting through treatment, trusting the diagnosis etc) and I think this is what it is telling me to do, for my body, at this moment.

The most important thing I have learned from the last 6-12 months is to take ownership of my body.  Only I know how I feel, and as brilliant as my doctors are they can only guide ME to make the decisions which affect ME.   My advice is to be open to try new things and treatments but in the end be brave enough to say ‘enough is enough.  I’m moving on.’

Thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me (and listening to me whine) while trying to figure all of this out.  Some day I hope to make it up to you but until then consider yourself forcibly electronically HUGGED.  I love you all so much!