Are We Not All Mothers?

Happy Mother’s Day!  First I want to start out by letting the mothers in my life know how much I love them.  When I say mothers I mean anyone who has successfully mothered me throughout my life.

I was lucky to be born to an amazing mother.  There are women who set mothering aside as a tangential part of their lives.  Not my Mom.  It is her whole life.  She has spent over 30 years of her life mothering children.  She had her first baby at 22 and now at 54 still has 2 children under 15 at home.   It is a career of mothering.

My mother’s greatest gift is her ability to nurture.  She is the oldest daughter in a family of 8 and from an early age she nurtured her siblings on a daily basis.  She taught them how to read, cook, and consoled both bruised shins and egos.  My mother knows how to listen and I can’t tell you the number of times I have turned to her just to have the peace of someone who will listen.

My mother is also a very interesting person.  Whether it be politics, philosophy, gardening or an immensity of other topics, my mom has a love of learning and is always up-to-date on the latest study, book or publication.  She certainly hasn’t let the stereotype of a housewife stop her from being a dynamic, well-read, ambitious woman.

Obviously this is my Mom and my Dad

Another great mother in my life is my sister Megan.  She has always been a peaceful influence in our family.  There are some people who seem to be blessed by God with an ability to love unconditionally, Megan is one of those people.  Despite frequent quarrels (and worse) between my brother and I, I can hardly remember a moment when the two of us (or anyone else for that matter) fought with Megan.

And that’s not to says she’s a doormat because she is not.  She is just a loving person that wants everyone to be happy. I think it says something that the minute she heard of my operation she volunteered to take care of me.  That is so like her.  She is the best!

My sister and baby Nelle

One more I can’t help but mention is my Grandma Wagner.  Both my grandma’s are wonderful but my Grandma Wagner has taken a special interest in my life that I appreciate.  She seems to always call to ‘check up on me’ when I need it most.  She is also a great listener and is honestly one of my best friends.  I can’t imagine anyone not loving her.

my Grandma Wagner with one of Kate's boys

I’ve always had a great need for validation and love in my life (I suppose we all do but my needs are more pronounced than some).  For some reason, I need to know that I am loved and worthy of love, and I need to hear it again and again and again.  It is strange because I am also very independent and self-confident.  I think everyone has a mixture of a need for both? There have been so many other women in my life, some which had no children, who have mothered me- teachers, church leaders, friends, cousins, aunts etc.

The dictionary defines mothering as to “Look after kindly and protectively”.  I’ve needed such kindness and sheltering in my life.  I still need it and am grateful for all that have given it to me.  I know I can be stubborn, independent and opinionated but thanks for loving me anyway!

I love this talk by Sister Sheri L.  Dew called Are We Not All Mothers?  I wish I could find a video clip but its worth a read- especially those who are feeling a bit lonely on this mother’s day.  We all have a role to play.  We all have someone to love:

“For reasons known to the Lord, some women are required to wait to have children. This delay is not easy for any righteous woman. But the Lord’s timetable for each of us does not negate our nature. Some of us, then, must simply find other ways to mother. And all around us are those who need to be loved and led.”

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