A Royal Engagement

As everyone in the whole world knows, today was the big royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton!  I don’t normally get into celebrity news or gossip but this wedding was different.  I have been through so much lately that I absorbed every bit of info I could get.  With tornadoes, earthquakes, chaos in the middle east and my own medical freak show, it was nice to have something genuinely happy to divert my mind.  For one day (in fact, many days)  I could think about what dress Kate would wear or the crazy hats  instead of focusing on trainers, shots and medicine. (After all, how often does a normal girl become a princess in real life? So cool!)

To commemorate the big day I decided to throw a little soiree.  I looked at it as a welcome diversion from my problems and a chance to thank my friends for all their love and support- plus, it was a blast to plan!

A delightful after dinner tea- herbal tea, almond chocolate chip scones, cucumber sandwiches. Someday I'd like to get a silver tea service...Someday!

The theme of the night was naturally all things British.  I had a lot of fun finding little British flags and an almond flour scone recipe I can eat. (From Elana’s cookbook of course).  I also made cucumber sandwiches with whole wheat bread and had an assortment of herbal teas.  For some people putting together such a menu and finding the decor would be a lot of hard work and it was, but for me, it is the part I most enjoy.  I love entertaining and I can’t completely explain why.  I just find it extremely satisfying to take a boring space and make it beautiful, full of life.  Its also wonderful to have an idea for a party and see it come to fruition.    Plus, like I said, it was nice to think about something other than my health for a change!

I’m not normally a very crafty person but a couple of weeks ago I got the idea to decorate hats for the party.  The British are known for their over-the-top hats and the wedding was no exception (I learned that sometimes the hats are called fascinators.  Btw, I could do really well on a royal trivia category of Jeopardy this week!).  I thought it would be neat to adorn our own hats with flowers, ribbons etc. (Evidently every one else in Utah had this idea because straw hats were sold out everywhere I went!).  I’m glad I persevered because it was a lot of fun.  It was also neat to see how individual everyone’s hat turned out.  Some of the girls have agreed to go out to dinner wearing our hats.  I think it would be great to see people’s responses!

Don't you think they turned out cute!

Thanks to the girls who came and made the event memorable and thanks to William and Kate for giving me something to smile about!  I hope they are very happy.  From everything I can tell they seem like a real love match- a wonderful couple.  The wedding was beautiful and she looked like the perfect princess. It was a great day and  terrific end to a stressful week!  Now I’m exhausted from all the fun and going to sleep!  Love you all!


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