My Hawaiian Fantasy

Of Hawaii, Mark Twain said

“When you are in that blessed retreat, you are safe from the turmoil of life; you drowse your days away in a long deep dream of peace; the past is a forgotten thing, the present is heaven, the future you leave to take care of itself. You are in the center of the Pacific Ocean; you are two thousand miles from any continent; you are millions of miles from the world; as far as you can see, on any hand, the crested billows wall the horizon, and beyond this barrier the wide universe is but a foreign land to you, and barren of interest”

As everyone knows I love Hawaii. For years I wondered why my cousins made such a big deal about Hawaii and then in 2007 I went and was totally hooked.  There are literally two things I don’t like about Hawaii- cockroaches and the heat/humidity.  Both a small price to pay for tropical paradise.

For my entire life Grabber has owned a time-share of sorts on the Northern Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  (For the life of me I will never understand how it took me so long to get to the island! I blame my parents.  What were they thinking?) It is near a small town called Haleiwa.  The house itself is actually two homes- one called the Grabber house, and one called the Cottage.  As the name suggests the house has more space where the cottage gets the view and the screened in porch.  The lot sits in front of a rocky section of beach with amazing views and adjacent to another beach known for sea turtles.

the rocky beach outside the house
the house

Haleiwa is also 18 minutes to Laie, Hawaii home of BYUH and the Polynesian Cultural Center.  This is an amazing cultural park where you can learn all about the native music, dances and food.  Definitely worth the money. Even closer to the house there are a lot of fun places to eat in Haleiwa including the Grass Skirt Grill, Cafe Haleiwa and the Dole Plantation. I could spend my entire trip in Haleiwa and Laie and be perfectly content.

At the PCC getting inked!
matsimotos shaved ice. So good after a long day at the beach

It almost goes without saying how much I love the beaches in Hawaii.  I love the beach anywhere but especially in Hawaii.  On the good beaches the sand is soft, the breeze is light and the views spectacular.  I can’t think of a better day then setting up my beach chair, reading a good but silly book (there are particular types of books for reading on the beach- I will have to do a post on that some day) and soaking in the sun (sunscreen on!).  My favorite beaches are the ones with soft sand and deep enough water to really swim in.  I will go until my arms are about to fall off.  I sometimes have to be reminded to take a break.  I know everyone says this but I honestly could go to the beach every day and not tire of it.  Its the best!

it just doesn't get better than this


Stef and I at hanauma bay after a long day snorkeling. Excuse the frizzy hair! Stef is coming with me again this year. I love her!

Now you may find it odd for me to be posting about Hawaii now when I am not planning on another visit for nearly 6 months.  Perhaps it is strange  but what you may not understand is I literally think about Hawaii almost every day.  I think most posts would be about Hawaii if I let it. I have a fantasy of moving there some day and starting my own smoothie and bookstore (to sell all good books for reading on the beach!).  I promise you this- I will find a way to retire there.  It’s happening so get ready!  Also, it’s snowing like crazy here in Utah…Oh, to be back at my island home…. Maybe I will get lucky and meet someone from Hawaii and he’ll swoop me off and we’ll live there forever….Wow.  Better control myself!

Anyway, I love Hawaii.  The first time I went was one of the worst years of my life and I think Hawaii saved me.  It made me happy when little else could.  It is my happy place. I hope that all of you get to enjoy it some day.

My upcoming trip in June should be even more fun because I will be trim and in shape!  Can’t wait.  My goal is to take surfing lessons.  Even if I stink at it I want to try.  Aloha!


10 thoughts on “My Hawaiian Fantasy

  1. Love, love, love! You are going to look wonderful and this trip is going to be amazing! Can’t wait.~
    Emilee Russell

  2. So totally jealous of you! And there is no shame in talking about a great trip six months in advance. I would do it.

  3. Thanks for the comments. I hope you all get a chance to visit Hawaii. Its so great. I used to think I’d want to visit different places all over the world but to be honest all I want to do is go back to Hawaii. Its kind of like a favorite item at a restaurant- do you get what you know you love or do you try something new? I almost always go with what I know. Hawaii is that way. The comfort food of travel!

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