Another Update

this is pretty much how I feel. (Hopefully not how I look but I am turning 30 this Sunday!)


So this is another quick update…My life has been nuts lately.  Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything comes at you full throttle all at once?  That is this week for me (and its only Tuesday.  Oh my!)

Technically the problems started last Friday night. Literally minutes after taking my meds I got a call from a distraught tenant (not at one of my Dad’s homes). Mildly panicking she said the basement was flooding.  Aside from the obvious problems, there was a cacophony of other nightmares

1. It was a blocked sewer pipe! (met with the plumber today.  He did a scope.  There is a rock in pipe just about where the sewer meets the city line. Estimate 5 to $7,000 grand for the repair!).  All the carpet and padding in the infected area had to be removed (he was lucky the sheet rock didn’t have to come down.  That’s what happened to  my aunt and uncle last year.  They had to gut their entire basement!).

2. I had just taken my pills including a muscle relaxant so I couldn’t drive or help in any way but over the phone.

3.  The land lord of this particular house was on vacation in Florida and in a movie theater when it first happened!

4. The tenant had like 25 people in the house for a family wedding the next day.  It was madness.

Thank goodness for Bruce Grist who went over immediately, called Action Plumbing and Heating and All Pro Cleaners, and he saved the day!

In addition to this problem with the plumbing, (all my great woes are caused by plumbing or sprinklers at the houses) I had committed months ago to begin working 40 hours a week for Grabber, beginning this week, including driving up to Syracuse, UT twice to work on check runs. Yesterday I worked for the whole day there and my back was throbbing in pain at the end of the day.  It was almost more then I could bare. I was so hoping to be able to exercise at my full, normal level but all I could do was get through it.  Thank goodness for my father and mother for their listening ears when I was teary-eyed.

I went to the doctor today (my regular doctor) for a check up and to get some guidance on treatment.  I was hoping he’d tell me whether  it would be better, given my injury, to see a physical therapist, massage therapist or a chiropractor?  I also needed some new meds (which I am determined to only take at night).  Unfortunately, all he could tell me was  “Sure, that’d be good”.  Oh well- that’s medicine for you!  At least he wasn’t mean and judgmental like the infamous crazy doctor. I’m going to get a massage tomorrow morning by my friend Jill and looking forward to it!

Today was also a bit stressful because I had to get an estimate on the new carpet, meet with the plumber, go to the doctors, finally go to a voice lesson (been almost a month!), get the car washed, go to the bank and post office, and finally- went to the Alpine house and the long-term tenant had moved ALL of our possessions out of the house.  I thought he was just moving a few boxes!  Not so much!  I feel bad because this is one more thing my Dad is going to have to deal with when he visits.  (He is so amazing.  I am in awe of his work ethic, positivity and strength).  I think it was more a miscommunication then anything else but now that its done we have to move on and work with the tenant.  (at least I didn’t have to move the stuff.  That is one thing I couldn’t have done this week!).

Anyway, as you can see I’ve been spread pretty thin over the last week and a half.  Thanks to Emily for providing the one blip of enjoyment with a pre-birthday celebration at Zupas and Hale Theater on Saturday.  Thanks also to Megan for always being willing to listen to me moan and groan when my life is hard (and thanks to anyone else who listens to me, but she’s the only one who does it faithfully with 3 little girls grabbing at the phone!).  I appreciate it so much.  I also was able to teach relief society on Sunday and despite being in pain, I think it was one of my best lessons (maybe because of the pain- after all, it was a lesson on sacrifice!).  I’m excited about my new ward and looking forward to the friends I will make.

How did this post turn out so long? I was just going to write that my back and ribs are still hurting but then all this came out.  I did have a very important and long set of conversations with the landlords I work with (Michelle, Brian and my Dad) about lightening my load in the next few weeks and months. Taking on 40 hours for Grabber means I have to let go of some of the work at the rentals.  Over the last few years I’ve learned that I’m a great salesperson but not great under pressure or stress (some people this brings out their best, but not me).  I also seem to have a threshold for work and no matter how much I love the job, if I work too much, it makes me crazy.  I just am not one of those people that can do 10, 12 hour days, every day, for weeks at a time.  It literally leads to a breakdown without fail!

The decision to simplify my life is difficult because it means admitting I can’t do it all.  At one time I thought the rentals were my new career but now my path is leading me in another direction. Funny how that happens?  The important thing is I still get to work from home and control my schedule.  I look forward to having a life that is more structured and where work isn’t so invasive.  I can’t think of the last time I’ve had a true weekend off unless you count the weekend after my fall (and technically I was on the job when I fell, so doesn’t count!).  Anyway, its going to be an interesting road and I’m a bit anxious to see how everything turns out; however, I know my Heavenly Father has His hand in my life.  He will make sure it’s all for the best.  (Even if I get discouraged, I know that He will help me to get back on my feet exercise-wise as well.  The doctor says it could take 6 weeks until I’m back to 100%.  We will see!)

In the meantime, I am taking each day as they come and doing the best I can.  Thankfully, I am surrounded by amazing people including every last one of the people I work with.  They are patient with me and genuinely love me. How many people can say that about their colleagues?

To healing and finding balance in my life! By the way did I mention I turn 30 this Sunday and I’m still figuring these things out about my life? I thought I’d have this all down by now. Oh well!

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